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About Quest Africa

Join Quest Africa, achieve great exploits, develop lifetime friendships, learn new skills and push your limits physically and mentally!


"Acumen – the ability to make good judgments and quick decisions"

Quest Africa provides students with a well-rounded range of modules and courses, designed to give Questors exposure to a spectrum of skills and career options that are not usually part of the conventional school curriculum.

Acumens in courses include:

  • “Quest put me in a position where I was forced to be independent, responsible and patient.”

    Nick Williamson (UK)
  • “I was desperately looking for something or someone to learn from.  Lucky for me, I found the door to Quest”

    Jean Reverdy (France)
  • “Quest has taught me to never give up.  Burn ships, empty the tank and absolutely pour yourself into whatever it is you are doing.”

    Andy During (SA)
  • “A completely different lifestyle, a drastically different learning method and, in my opinion, the perfect environment for me to grow into the person I am now.”

    Ross Scott-Riddell (Zimbabwe)
  • “The greatest thing I have learned from Quest is clarity. It has shown me what is really important” 

    Hugo Van Lennep (SA)
  • "Society says that if you have these devices, you have ‘the world at your fingertips’ but really it’s not like that. Quest has taught me that the world is actually beneath your feet, it’s what you see with your eyes, it’s what you go do with your mates”

    Nick Bailey (SA)
  • “The many trips and different activities we undertake at Quest are giving my life a momentum that I have never experienced before.” 

    Tim Rath (Germany)
  • “After re visting my Quest experience I’ve come to understand what drives people to climb higher, run further and do more.”

    Hugh Marffy (Zambia)
  • I learnt many things on Quest both skills that could be taught and skills that can only be realized” 

    Gareth Rogers (SA)
  • The bottom line is character is built under pressure and pressure comes from stepping outside your comfort zone.”

    Ciaran Gray (SA)
  • “Lessons are learnt and memories are made every day at Quest”

    Jacques Groves (SA)