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by Sean Francis, Jack Templeton, Patrick Nugent and Nicolas Pucher

On Monday we got split into two groups. The first group spent the day in the Quest kitchen together with Carmen, while the other was with Mr. Maphosa doing construction. The group that worked in the kitchen had to make lasagne and deconstructed orange cheese cake. We had to make the lasagne from scratch. The group that was on kitchen duty were then divided into smaller groups of two people. At first this was really challenging for the groups because we have never made lasagne from scratch, but after some time in the kitchen we gained confidence and began to work well together. It took us four and a half hours to finish cooking the lunch meal and we were all exhausted after cooking that one meal. Everyone enjoyed the food and were fascinated because they did not know that some of us had a special talent. After lunch Kitchen crew were then tasked with a new meal plan which involved a beef curry with a lekker butternut soup. This was very difficult for the whole group as we were all tired. All the hard work had payed off in the end and we got great feedback from the facilitators and Carmen on our food. On Monday the construction group cleared a small area near the workshop. We had to construct a platform made out of bricks and cement, the area was going to be used to store various things on.

            Tuesday morning the group doing construction continued working on building the platform. After laying out the bricks for the platform. In the afternoon we were then tested on how good we were at making 1 by 1 pillars, that we were graded on. On Tuesday the kitchen group had to make chicken pies for lunch with carrot cake as desert, we found cooking slightly easier on the second day because we had an idea of what was expected of us. After lunch we had to prepare for a big meal and the meal had to feed 24 people. For dinner we made a starter main meal and dessert involved. This was by far the hardest meal we had to prepare because our final grade was based off this meal. For starters we had chicken liver pate, the main meal was steak and potatoes, and dessert was apple crumble.

Wednesday morning the two groups switched roles, the group that was in the kitchen began construction and the group that was in the kitchen began construction. First day of construction we were shown what the other group had made and we were told that the wall they build should be solid, so George decided to test the wall out and without any force he managed to pull the wall down. We then had to redo the side of wall he had pulled down as our first task of construction. After fixing the wall we were then tasked with making a wall out by the kitchen. We spent the whole afternoon digging the trench for the cement to be placed. While digging Sean managed to drive his axe through the PVC pipe and just barely miss the WIFI cable, it took great skill and technique for him to accomplish this.

Wednesday group two began cooking and for lunch we made mash potatoes, beef potjie and a lemon meringue pie. We felt very confident with our meal, as this was our first round of cooking. As a group we did very well, our food preparation was all done on time and we were pleased with the outcome. For dinner we made some pork Thai curry, and a vegetable Thai curry. For starters we had a chicken soup as well as a pumpkin soup. 10 of us slept the night in the vlei for poor room state with only their sleeping bags. Shockingly the girls were not the 5 with the clean tent. Mr H was disgusted at the state of their tent. 

Thursday’s PT session was a swim with Lucy Randle the hardest PT session of the week, only cause of the cold. After PT the cooking group made hamburgers and chocolate cheese cake for lunch, then for dinner we made 12 pizzas for our small pizza party. That night the winners of the cooking course were announced and group two won overall, but group one won in terms of taste. The construction group changed to photography for the day, we had Mr van Rooyen come teach us about photography. After the morning session we had felt like we learnt a lot about photography then during the afternoon session we put what we learnt into taking actual photos.  

Friday morning the two groups had a joint photography session in which we learnt about Lightroom and how to edit pictures to take our photography to a new level. After lunch one group returned to the workshop for construction again, while the other group continued with photography. The construction group started building a wall around the back of the kitchen, while the photography group spent the afternoon taking and editing pictures. After dinner Mr. van Rooyen gave us an inspirational talk which really touched the entire group. He spoke about how a lion attacked him in his sleep and how he managed to survive it. The story was extremely gripping and moved the group in a way that we were not expecting.

Saturday morning 6:30 PT we were in for a surprise. We met at the pull up bars and were told to wear old clothing. We were going to do the Quest obstacle course! We got split into 3 groups and each tackled the course one group at a time. Lots of us got battered and bruised along the way. The final obstacle was a drainage pipe submerged in mud, which we had to crawl through. By the end of the course we were tired and muddy, we had loads of fun, especially after the students vs. facilitator run. 


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