Angus Bidwell – Why Quest Africa for my Gap Year

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Angus Bidwell – Why Quest Africa for my Gap Year

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Why Quest Africa for my Gap Year

Quest, for me, is the best gap year experience there can be. We are a group of 20 young men who have never known each other, we go on road trips across Africa, work on farms, hunt, party, build, fix cars, dance and explore. Quest core program consists of 3 terms, taking a total of 7 months to complete. The first term is one of the toughest in terms of work and rules. The group is put in challenging situations to force people to work together or fail. By the end of the first term I had been partially starved, worked in an African gold mine, taught about anti-poaching, explored the Matopos mountain range in southern Zimbabwe, seen 4 of the big 5, worked on a ranch, made my first video edit and improved my over all fitness. I’m also now qualified in welding, brick laying, mechanics, plumbing and have started my advanced first aid course.

Every day at Quest starts with personal training from 06:00 to 07:00 in the morning. This often involves core training, running, circuit training, swimming and multiple other forms of torturous exercise. We finish breakfast by 08:00 and finish our lessons by 16:00. These lessons can be anything from first aid to business management. In the Afternoons we are encouraged to do sport or go to the gym. On the odd occasion we will have an etiquette evening where we are taught how to talk, act, dress and behave like gentlemen.

Our accommodation must always be kept clean and tidy. If it is not then we have to sleep outside for 2 nights. Before lunch we have to do either press ups or sit ups, starting by doing 30 on the first week, then it goes up by 5 every week.
Quest has 5 basic working acumens. Business acumen, Social acumen, physical acumen, technical acumen and media acumen.

In the second term the fitness is more about pushing your mental boundaries and forcing your body to go beyond the limit. Final term is all about self motivation and achieving your goals without support.
Quest is challenging and not for people who can’t commit themselves to things but I can say that it has been and still is the most rewarding experience of my life.

Angus Bidwell

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