Gustav De Brauwer – My Zimbabwe Gap Year

Liam Pietersen – The reason I came to Quest Africa
May 3, 2016
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Hugo Prinsloo – The Reason Why I came To Quest for my Gap Year
May 3, 2016

Gustav De Brauwer – My Zimbabwe Gap Year

My Zimbabwe Gap Year

Quest is a great place to spend a gap year, its defiantly not a waste of time. Its one of the best life choices iv made. I came to Quest with not much of an idea of what i wanted to do in life and Honestly i did not have much idea about who i really was.

Now 4 months in, I have made friendships that will last for an eternity! To the learning and physical aspects of things we went mining ate Farvic Mine, did a full 8 hour work shift and i experienced the real reality of the extreme conditions that people work thru for the nice shiny Jewellery that you and i put on every day without any effort. Electrics, Cooking, Plumbing, Construction to hunting and farming to 50k cycling trips thru the Matopos all already done and now the much looked forward to 3 week trip to Malawi is finally hear!

Done more and learned more then i ever even thought was possible in such a short amount of time, Quest and Team behind it are truly amazing none of things would ever be possible if it weren’t for they’re hard work a dedication to the program.

I Feel much stronger and confident then i ever did and now knowing exactly what i want to do with my life!!!

Gustav De Brauwer

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