Henry Rose-Martin – Quest Africa for Gap Year

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Henry Rose-Martin – Quest Africa for Gap Year


Quest Africa for Gap Year

When I finished school, in Ballito (South Africa) last year I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I heard of Quest Africa and gave it a look on the website. After a while of thinking and mixed emotions I finally made the unsure decision to apply to Quest. I then got notified that I was accepted and not long after I was off to Zimbabwe.

Upon arrival we were met by the staff and got acquainted with the rest of the guys. First week we spent in the bush without any connection to the modern world. We then got back to campus and started our technical acumen. Welding was first and throughout the course so far we are also completed a basic course in plumbing, electrical and construction. We are also in progress of doing an advanced first aid course. Quest is also very fitness based and pushes our limits to the max. This all aids in self-improvement. We went for a 45 km cycle in probably of the most beautiful places I’ve been in, the Matopos, which was followed by a 10 km hike through the area, and many more great experiences to follow. Quest has also taught me to be much more independent and respectful and mindful to what and who is around me. We are also encouraged to work as a team which makes the brotherhood amongst the guys much greater.

So far, only half way through the year and I can already say it’s probably the best choice ive made in life! Quest has already broadened by vision of what I want to do with my life and prepared me for what’s next.

Henry Rose-Martin

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