Images of Dragons by Pat Gerrie

A Hair Raising Week! By Shannon, Pippa and Dayna
October 26, 2017
Counting by Matt van Hooreweghe
October 30, 2017

Images of Dragons by Pat Gerrie

Images of Dragons

By Pat Gerrie

This week has been a very interesting one.  Through starting our projects to learning about photography; we have been consistently busy with work. We were split up into two groups for the week; half of us doing the photography course with Mr. Van Rooyen, and the others continued working on their projects and the forbidding upcoming Dragon’s Den.

We were introduced into the world of old fashioned and expensive photography, being exposed to cameras dating from the 2nd World War, and pricing in the thousands. We also learnt about the editing side of photography using programs such as Adobe Lightroom to enhance the quality of the photo. The other half of the core was busy with starting their projects, from Ross stripping the tractor down to just the chassis, to Ulrich, Matt & Pippa doing a Quiet Waters game count.  The majority of us were busy with preparing our projects before we embark to the long awaited trip to Malawi.

Once Friday came everyone was nervous, we set up for Dragon’s Den and finalized our speeches to give to the Stakeholders. Luckily no-one’s proposals were denied, so we are all on our way to getting underway with the projects once we get back from Malawi. Several groups are well into their projects already having been confident of their approval! We celebrated this with a bar night on Friday night.

On Saturday morning the girls had a morning of making baked goods, whilst the boys were split up into different groups all helping Mr M with his duties. This included fixing the obstacle course and Rhys & Will enjoying spraying the tents with a repellent for the abundance of mosquito that live in our tents, although it seemed that Rhys sprayed more repellent on himself than the tents. After the work was done, most of us went up the Mrs Randle’s house to enjoy the baking done by the girls in the morning with some milkshakes and tea. The Falcon Etiquette Society joined us for a lovely evening of banter. All and all the week turned out better than most of us planned and we are all definitely looking forward to the weeks ahead, may they bless us with surprise and contentment!