Joel Griffin – The Ultimate Gap Year

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May 3, 2016
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May 3, 2016

Joel Griffin – The Ultimate Gap Year

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The ultimate gap year

Quest Africa is a gap year course designed to develop you in all aspects of life. It is based just outside of the city of Bulawayo in a conservation reserve where students can experience the bush throughout the year as they partake in a variety of activities and lessons. What the course offers is highly diverse and promotes development in all areas of life. I personally have grown in who I am and have gained many skills and experiences that will help me in the future and I believe that it is the most constructive gap year course around.

There are 5 main acumen that the course is based around, natural acumen, social acumen, technical acumen, business acumen and physical acumen. I personally have always loved the bush and being here at Quest Africa has given me the opportunity to live in and learn about nature on a daily basis. This knowledge that I have gained could help me if I wish to go into the guiding and tourism industry. Secondly there is the social acumen which has most definitely helped me with not only becoming more sociable but has also taught me various skills such as etiquette. Then there is the technical and business acumens which cover a broad range of skill and career fields. By trying out and learning about all of these fields I have been able to decide on what careers I may enjoy and am good at. Last of all there is the physical acumen which I have found to be very challenging yet highly beneficial. Not only has it dramatically increased my strength and fitness but it has also developed my character by teaching me to never give up and persevere.

However, Quest Africa is not just work and no play. Throughout the course we travel to many beautiful and unique places such as the Matopos, Lake Kariba and Malawi. We are able to experience many things that most people do not in their entire lifetime and through it all we are always learning and growing in who we are.

Quest has changed my life and given me a new outlook on life and is most definitely one of the best gap year courses in existence.

Joel Griffin

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