Kyle McDonald – Why I Decided to Join Quest Africa

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April 26, 2016
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May 3, 2016

Kyle McDonald – Why I Decided to Join Quest Africa

Quest Africa

At the beginning of this year I was in the same boat as many other school leavers I was out of school but still not to sure what I wanted to do, with the expectation of going to study something it got me thinking if I really knew what I wanted to study and the answer was no I was not ready to go study and that’s when I heard about Quest Africa.

My experience at Quest Africa has been one of the best of my life, a gap year some call it except this gap year is filled with adventure, new friends, new skills and a purpose. The year started of with me being thrown into the deep end with 20 guys that did not know each other having to trust each other out in the wilderness! Since that day I have made 20 good friends and plenty of memories including  an amazing week on Lake Kariba or the tough times spent down in the mines or the learning of new things on farms and spending time fishing with friends on a Sunday afternoon and even the adrenalin of paddling down the Zambezi river.

As well as growing as a person I have also come a long way in a physical aspect with the early morning fitness sessions every morning and the active lifestyle we live combined with all the sports facilities available to us like a gym, sports fields, a squash court and a swimming pool.

Our campus is situated in Zimbabwe in a town called Esigodini in the quite waters conservation area when I told people I was going to do a course in Zimbabwe a lot of people were shocked because of the bad press that Zimbabwe gets but the country is actually a beautiful area with plenty friendly people and a place I will definitely be visiting after the course.

All in all Quest has been a life changing experience for me that I will cherish forever and I recommend the experience to anyone who is confused about what they want to do, love adventure or just love the outdoors and want to learn more!

Kyle McDonald

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