Ross Roux – Why I came to Quest Africa

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May 3, 2016
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May 3, 2016

Ross Roux – Why I came to Quest Africa

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Why did I come to Quest Africa?

I was like most people coming straight out of school, and didn’t know what career I would end up in. I didn’t want to waste my time in university studying a pointless degree that just acted as something to help me think on what I wanted to do.

Quest offered me something that I wouldn’t find in a degree in university. Time to decide. School is too rushed for any student to sit and think of what they want to do. Quest offered me a constructive gap year, where I would be learning countless new skills, develop my talents and push my physical limits way past what I thought they could be. I came to Quest to improve myself and to decide on what I wanted to do after school.

What is Quest doing for me?

Quest is acting as my guideline to life. It is the tutorial before the real work. Quest is helping me to figure out exactly what I like and exactly what I don’t like. It is basically narrowing down my choices as to want I want to do in life according to what I enjoy and am good at.

Quest is helping me find new skills every day. Every day at quest is a day that something new and valuable is learnt. It has given me the opportunity to make life-long friends, and learn new things about different parts of the world.

Quest is making me the fittest I have ever been, helping me build muscle and strength and along with that, confidence. Quest is also teaching me to appreciate everything that I have in life, and to respect the people around me.

Who is Quest for?


Ross Roux

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