Sparks! By Kieran, Adam and Chris

Building Walls and Constructing Playgrounds by Will Conradie
October 3, 2017
A Hair Raising Week! By Shannon, Pippa and Dayna
October 26, 2017

Sparks! By Kieran, Adam and Chris


by Kieran van Oldenburg, Adam Griffiths, and Chris van Wyk

Quest Mixed Core 2017 Monday 2nd October 2017, half the intake was whisked off to start their electrical acumen while the others did leadership, business management and critical thinking with both the Randles. One evening we had an interesting chats from Mr. Laing.

The first group which consisted of Kieran, Adam, Steven, Pat, Shannon, Tim, Quinten, and Ross did electrics from Monday to Wednesday lunch time and then we switched and the first group mentioned above did their lectures with the Randles as well as brick laying to fix the braai area while the second group consisting of Pipa, Dayna, Angus, Somerset, Rhys, Mat, William, Ulrich, and myself moved onto our electrical acumen and fixed new electrical cables in the Falcon laundry.

A few of the intake members went horse riding with Mrs Randle this week and enjoyed a lovely full moon horse ride, unfortunately due to all the rain and thick cloud cover we have had this week they were unable to see the initial moonrise. Some members of the group went to help with Riding for the disabled.  There we were met by Mr Randle and Mr Leared.  Mr Leared then spent the rest of the day with us at Quest.

Mr Randle and Mr H, also known as Rig, kindly treated us to some challenging Physical Training sessions this week, including visiting the Ncema Dam wall for some step training.

The second group, working alongside Mr Randle and a few workshop members from Falcon College went out to do some controlled burning and bush clearing opposite Quest following the road around to the Old Boy’s Study Centre. This was slightly unsuccessful due to lack of flammable grass as well as a very indecisive wind direction, nevertheless the job was completed safely in the end with the desired results.

Saturday morning was spent doing general jobs around the Quest campus and the removal of the infamous invasive plant Lantana Camara with the use of ropes, welding gloves, and various sharp tools from the workshop as well as the removal of weeds at the horse stables.