Zambezi Sands

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April 21, 2016
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May 3, 2016

Zambezi Sands


 Zambezi Sands


By Angus Bidwell and Hugo Prinsloo of Marco Polo Tent


The week started off the same as the last, with a ‘rear-end’ pulverizing trip on the overlander.  However this trip had an even more unpleasant twist…..

We set off early on Saturday morning after a ‘reviving’ 2 hour sleep (self-inflicted sleep deprivation!-ed). The journey was supposed to be only 6 hours but unfortunately every policeman at every road block had a personal vendetta against the overlander. Once the 8 hour trip to Victoria Falls was completed we had a healthy ‘Chicken Inn’ stop and then continued into the National Park – this is where yet more fun began. The road into the park was and old jeep-track so the overlander struggled a lot. In total we spent 3 hours cutting trees and pushing the overlander out of sand pits. We eventually arrived Zambezi Sands Camp and where blown away by their luxurious accommodation and then where brought back to reality with a crash when we were introduced to our ‘campsite’.

We were given 5 projects to complete by Friday, assist in the building of the manager’s house, demolish a 2 story water tower, improve park roads and camps, sand the decking and build a green house. The water tower was the most challenging due to the fact we didn’t have a harness and the angle grinder caught on fire. Our American also managed to stab himself in the foot with a pair of scissors. We also slept with knives in our tents in fear of hyena and lion attacks. Collecting wood was also an adrenaline filled experience. A brave Scotsman (the same one who slept clutching a knife and with one eye open?-ed) and a questionably sane South African found themselves stuck in a herd of elephant with only a small Nissan truck to protect them. It was a bit like Jurassic park. They fortunately escaped. In payment for the work done we were taken on canoe trips and guided walks with pro guides. We completed all of the projects by Friday night and all very much enjoyed our, and Zambezi Sands Camp. The ride home was much the same as the ride there, but without Chicken Inn.

It was a relaxing Sunday and we are looking forward to starting the business acumen phase on Monday. The week’s experience taught us a lot about teamwork, perseverance, and adaptability in an environment that is a very far cry away from the rules and regulations of the first world!