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Mining & Construction!
By Tim Kpognon, Gareth Stubbs and Albert Hechter

Is this Quest or are we in a simulation of the series Bob the builder?! We were so glad getting a second chance to go down the mine, since last time the heavy rain cut through our plans. Oh what would life be without second chances?

So, it was an absolute pleasure and privilege at the same time, to stay in the mine owner’s house. The house was the most luxurious things we’ve had since coming to Quest; so we enjoyed every moment in it, especially the beds. WOW they were majestic. We went down a new mine called Sally as some of the other mines had shafts still flooded from the excessive rain. Sally, with a degree of 40-50 degrees, 7 levels and the cool temperature created our first impression of a mine. After hours of working ‘down under’, chatting with some workers we all had the same facial expression. The following words literally could have been read from our eyes, even from a blind man. ‘I won’t spend my time doing this for the rest of life!’
Being about 50 meters under earth’s surface, shovelling up to 40 skips of sand in a day, while sweating like a waterfall for just 9,50$ a day? Oh no – never! Not in heaven and not on earth.
More hilarious was the experience of going down the main mine, for a tour by the owner himself, where some of us had to face their fears! Going down that ladder and seeing the light disappearing slowly, with every step you take, set our inner peace into tribulation! Some panicked, other cheerfully rejoiced, and there was this one guy shaking so hard that the whole ladder shook in rhythm with his movements, his breathing was so loud that people on the 14 level could have heard it. He was sweating so much that he baptized all the people under him with his sweat and his face,…… his face was everything but delightful. He looked like he’d seen the devil in person! And yes, we had the bold ones, who went deeper into the dark until level 11.
Mining was a big experience for all of us. For it was an exclusive insight into some ways of life we would never have had the opportunity to experience. Somebody once said, “We define ourselves through these things which we don’t want to do!” And yes, none of us is going down a mine ever again. Even the one guy interested in geology is re-thinking his choice. Once more we learned to appreciate not just our lives, but the possibilities we have and especially not to take them lightly.
However, once back at Quest campus, our construction course was pretty chilled. Something new for most of us. Basically, it is the art of repeatedly laying one brick unto another to build a solid wall. We learned some skills which will no doubt turn out to be useful later in life.
In total, during this week we grew more as men and became richer for the experience.

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