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The Final Stretch
By David Justin and Flo
Starting off bright and early Monday morning I woke up in the front seat of the Regus bus to Mr. H shouting and throwing rocks at monkeys on the side of the road just 5ks short of Vic Falls. As everyone caught up to us we began the run to the falls, the final 5km. As we ran through town in formation from Malilangwe waving at the tourists, who were giving us strange looks! We could hear the falls in the distance motivating us to trudge on. We had made it!
Monday evening we were treated by “Three Monkeys” to a nice free meal to celebrate our run. Tuesday was very much a relaxing day as we didn’t need to do anything. The fish farmers headed to the farm where they would be working for the next couple of days in Zambia.
Work experience started for everyone bright and early on Wednesday morning and work we did, especially for the fish farmers as they were put through their paces. Work experience ended Friday afternoon for everyone, most of the core used this opportunity to experience the Vic Falls night life, realizing we had white water rafting in the morning most people left early during the night. Up early for white water rafting the next morning and first off we meet Colgate, the most entertaining of the River Guides. After our briefing and a short drive we began our decent into the gorge towards the mighty Zambezi. The whole experience was amazing and loved by all as we made our thrilling journey down the river with plenty of screaming, mostly from the girls raft and Mr. H, and flipping into the raging rapids. All in all it was in amazing trip and loved by everyone in the core.

December 5, 2018

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