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A Lecture on Yourself.
By Floris, David and Justin

The start of another week in paradise we know as Quest, I get up for the first P.T. of the week while my tentmate is looking for a pair of boxers he hasn’t turned inside out yet.
The week starts of fairly relaxed, we have a lot of stuff to do for upcoming week, for example our tent presentations.
Every tent is named after a famous explorer, so every tent has to do a presentation on said explorer, for my tent that would be Neil Armstrong.
Besides our tent presentation we have business pitches to prepare, there are 3 groups of pitches.

Group 1: This group makes a pitch for James’ plan to design and make jewellery.
Group 2: This group helps to make a plan for David’s ambition of being a famous sports commentator
Group 3: This group helps Flo to make a plan for a tour with his band through the west of Europe.

As you can see we had a lot to do, so no reason for boredom.
On Tuesday we’re starting our psychology course, we’re being told how to find out what type of personalities we have and how we could put those personalities to their best usage.
So basically on Tuesday and Wednesday we’re getting a lecture about ourselves, which in my opinion is quite an interesting experience.
Thursday and Friday was all about us as individuals, every Questor had a one on one session with the lecturer and got to know a lot more about themselves.
While one person was having a session we we’re working hard on our presentations, fixing our bikes or writing our journals.
Besides psychology we also learned a lot about firefighting, two of our P.T.’s this week were fire themed, because of the dry winter bush there were some fires in Quiet Waters that had to be extinguished by the QAFD (Quest Africa Fire Department).
So even though this week was all about theory, it was still quite action packed.
After a week of learning about ourselves and digging deep in our memory and emotions, everybody was happy that the weekend has started and we can have a nice beer or sprite to settle the dust and smoke.
Another good ending for another good week.

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