Student Blogs

by Karl Rieger, Nick Proudfoot and Luke Bulmer

The past week has been very busy for us boys: learning how to cook, edit videos and taking land rovers apart certainly was eventful. However, we were also able to enjoy the company of a Mozambique Spitting Cobra on Sunday that did prove to be quite a challenge indeed as it refused to leave the tent and even started spitting. How rude and uncalled-for!
Starting on Monday twelve of us were selected for a three-day cooking class whilst the rest started their technological and mechanical work. For many of the Questies the kitchen was a not well-known area and consequently our cooking instructor had some hard work to do. She managed well and by the end of the course we could all cook like a Gordon Ramsey or Jamie Oliver, true master chefs! The highlight was the final dinner which was cooked, served and set up like a small “restaurant” for the whole intake. Having done the course, we spent two more days on First-aid practice, writing the exam for the certificate on Friday. Meanwhile the other half of us were busy making videos, unscrewing metal plates from each other and polishing engine parts. Next week we’ll switch.
Saturday brought us all together again, working in the Quiet Water’s reserve where we pulled out some huge lantana bushes, reeds and fixed a damaged road. The evening was very nice as we were able to enjoy the company of Ryan’s lovely parents who invited us for a small gathering with some excellent conservations and food of course. Relaxing on Sunday, watching films and playing games we all thought the week was done. Which is why no-one expected what came next: THE SNAKE!!!!! It all ended well, however, it took some time and a lot of testosterone-driven yelling, jumping and also some nervous laughter here and there to get rid of the big beast hiding under the floor, spitting poison at everything that came near to it. And here I am, my heart still beating from that near-death experience, writing this week’s blog.

February 27, 2017

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