A Big Lake by Robbie Law

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March 13, 2018
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A Big Lake by Robbie Law

A Big Lake, Lots of Fishing and Media

By Robbie Law


What a week! After a long busy weekend at the Chegutu Touch Bowl, we were all feeling pretty rough. The bus ride up to Kariba was an interesting one, 6 hours on the Overlander whilst most guys were suffering and others were still buzzing from the night before, hard for those guys but it definitely provided entertainment for the rest of us.  As we approached Kariba we caught a few glimpses of the vast span of water that was held by a mere wall, I don’t think any of us had actually realised just how massive it is. You can be sitting in the middle and not see any land, we even started calling it the ocean. We boarded the Vunduful, the houseboat that would be home for us for the next week, and out to “sea” we went.

I can safely say, I’ve never experienced fishing anything like what it’s like at Kariba, there was just fish, after fish, after fish. Even the guys that had never fished in their life before were pulling them in like pros. Pulling them in was the easy part, a few were quite squeamish went it came to taking the fish off the hook, especially with the squeakers. Squeakers where the bane of our existence when fishing, they are a species of catfish and they spike you when you try take them off the hook, they’re called squeakers because of the irritating noise they make when you pull them in. Often you would hear someone with a fish on and the excitement rose, just to be let down by a squeaker. However there was a huge amount of bream caught, after just two hours of fishing a boat of 4 guys pulled in around 100 fish! For the fishermen that were more eager to catch larger fish, there was the option to stay up later every night and try to catch off the back of the houseboat, of course there was more success, a variety of Cornish Jack, Vundu and Barbel where caught. I think all of us are going to miss being able to fish most of the day.

Of course, we did have to do some actual work whilst we were there, and that was provided by an introduction to media by Mr. M. We learnt the basics of film making, what to do, what not to do. We were also tasked with making a short movie in just over a day, which definitely proved to be a challenge. Those 24 hours were mainly all of us trying to be Oscar awarded actors and directors, which I can assume, looked very funny for the crew on the boat. With our below average acting skills, our videos actually turned out to be pretty impressive, with surprising comedy and some convincing drama.

Overall our week on the houseboat was definitely my favourite week so far, incredible food, good times relaxing with the guys, amazing fishing and good fun watching some homemade films. Mr. and Mrs. Swart deserve a special mention for letting us enjoy the houseboat and all it has to offer, I’m very sure that they’ll need some peace and quiet now that we’ve left them! Another special mention goes to Mr. Rick Ward for teaching us all the tricks to fishing and sharing his experiences with us. It’s been a great week here at Quest and we’re all looking forward to many more just like this one.