All in One

Andrew Gray – A Quest worth going on
May 3, 2016
Thrills, Spills and Hills in Matopos
May 16, 2016

All in One



Justin Faber, Matthew Wight and Matthieu Marti

The week started with First Aid.  This involved starting new topics and revising the topic we learnt earlier in the year. Handling a bus accident scene where we had to tend to the victims. The “victims” had it very easy as some of them had to even play dead and they took the chance to lie back and relax while the others had to apply what they learnt into the situation practical.

On Tuesday we had a Social Media  session with Craig Riley from Bulawayo.   This was every educational for all of us, learning about how marketers use social media to advertise online. For many of us, it was like learning how to walk as we weren’t as “computerised” as some people. We have had to create our own poster for Quest, depicting our experiences and ‘angle’ and post it on our facebook page to see how many ‘hits’ we can get.

After our techno skills had been tested to the limit, we got stuck into some good practical Mechanics.   We also had our first introduction to the Quest Projects and all the aspects and requirements for each project, learning that we had to organise the teams, finances, and designs. Everyone was looking very anxiously excited and keen to get started on their projects.

We finished the ‘working week’ off with more marketing, having a 2 day course with a professional marketer who had spent many years working in Montana USA.  This was very interesting and educational. The lecture covered a large variety of marketing types and how to tailor your marketing strategies to a customer. We ended with a small marketing practical which was fun and allowed us to test what we had learnt.

We were fortunate to have Mr. Barney O’Hara over to speak to us on careers in aviation. He told us about what he has done during his time as both a helicopter and fixed wing pilot. We listened too many of his crazy, adventurous flying stories which everyone loved hearing and now many of us are talking about careers in the Aviation field.

Throughout the week, each tent had been doing their presentations on the explorer their tent is named after.  We dressed smartly and did our best to educate and entertain the crowd as best as we could. In the end it was a huge success as Mr and Mrs Randle were very pleased with the high standard of presentations and how the boys conducted themselves.

We have also had a bicycle mechanic come and show us how to fix all our bike problems as we will be heading off on a long cycle next week.

As the week drew to a close, Mr and Mrs Randle invited us over to their house for a film evening where we were treated to delicious Gluhwein, cake and popcorn and enjoyed a classic old day’s movie (True Lies 1994… come on guys… ‘old day’!!!….ed)  Many thanks to Miss Wharam and Mr and Mrs Randle.