Bandages, Bikes and Birds – Mixed Core 2017

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Bandages, Bikes and Birds – Mixed Core 2017

Bandages, Bikes and Birds

By Pippa, Rhys and Dayna

The week was off to a riveting start as we rode thousands (well, it felt like it) of miles each day from Pumula Camp to the Randles’ house where we did our First Aid course. From bandages to bites, Sister Bryant took us through a gruesome tour of Pacmed. For some of us it was a struggle to remember the terminology; for others the struggle was in staying awake after our gruelling survival week. Books in bags and bikes screaming down hangover hill, we sped to the San for our test …in which some were more successful than others.

On Wednesday afternoon we left the security of Pumula Camp and embarked on our next leg of the journey to Longville. Roads like corrugated iron rattled the overlander and us inside. In true Quest fashion, we stopped in a strange place, met friendly strangers and were instructed to walk. As we neared camp a herd of zebras were there to welcome us. The days that followed comprised of cabbage picking and throwing and the deconstruction of a tomato field. In between the hard work, a garden warfare broke loose and rotten tomatoes filled the sky, splattering many unsuspecting Questors. Adam was the unfortunate recipient of a good natured prank that left him looking like he had just been at La Tomatina after he accidentally planted his camera in and amongst the cabbages. Luckily, it was found. Whilst at the farm we resided at a hut next to the dam. The area was teaming with birdlife and it was a peaceful and tranquil setting. Each afternoon, after our farm work was over we set out on bush walks, conquering new peaks, watching the sun go down and learning about the bush and wildlife from the local scouts.