Bushtick Buffalo

Sunrises, sunsets and a lot of sweat in between!
January 26, 2016
Climbing Kopjies and Descending Shafts
February 10, 2016

Bushtick Buffalo


By Cousteau Tent

Andy Gray, Ross Roux, Henry Rose-Martin

The week started with the task of learning how to weld for some, and embarking on an advanced Pacmed course for others.  The men of Cousteau started with the welding and our days took us from early morning PT (which seems to get harder every day!) through an 8am-4pm welding course during which time avoiding arc eye,  radiation burn and hot metal down your boot were our priority… as well as learning some pretty cool skills.

At the end of almost each day, some of us would use our free time to go to the gym, others to fish, and some just to rest their minds and bodies for the next day.  Cousteau tent liked to take the gym option.  The gym is situated right in the middle of Falcon College, about a 5 minute cycle for us and is very conveniently and temptingly also situated in the direct path of the Staff Pub, ‘The Bushtick’, and it didn’t take us long to figure out the opening hours.  The days went by until one day after gym, Cousteau tent, accompanied by Justin and Gustav, decided to treat ourselves to a ‘cold one’…. totally ignorant of the strictly enforced rule of ‘no alcohol for the first 3 weeks’.  (This is their story and they are sticking to it –Ed)  The night passed uneventfully.  Not too long after breakfast the next day the ‘Forbidden Four’, as we became known, were busted.  Mr Randle gave us some vague instructions to meet him at the bottom of a huge hill (know as Hangover Hill) at 5pm with our rucksacks, 3 bricks and a sleeping bag.   This we did and soon found ourselves sprinting up and down the hill, with bricks, sleeping bag and rucksack in the afternoon heat….. 4 times!

We have had a lot of fun with the pool table in the main admin area, and it hasn’t taken long for us to make up our own set of entertaining ‘rules’ for it.  There is the ‘Whitewash’ rule where if your opponent sinks all their balls or wins the game before you have sunk a single ball, you have to run naked from the pool table to the tents which are about 250m away!  Hugo Prinsloo  (a.k.a. Buffel-piesang) was the first to fall prey to this rule.  He ran boldly with arms aloft, screaming and laughing, to the tents, wearing nothing but his vellies! (no wonder the wildlife has scattered – Ed)

Michael Geyser, known as Grandpa, has the tendency to take naps.  One afternoon, all 19 of us set out to put an end to this.  Slowly and very quietly, every single person squeezed into his tent, stood around his bed and simultaneously let out the loudest blood curdling scream.  He looked like he was about to be eaten by something!  This has happened twice this week, and due to the amusement for the rest of us and Michael’s refusal to give up napping…is due to happen pretty regularly.

Another game is the one of ‘Life’.  Every time you say the word ‘10’ or ‘mine’ you have to do 10 push ups.  So far everyone is destined to have a body builder physique by the end of the 7 months!

This Sunday has been a nice chilled, relaxed day.  We are waiting to leave for our mining experience and having a few days working on a ranch.  The past two weeks have been phenomenal, and we can’t wait for the next insane 6 months of Quest Africa.