Business, Bushpigs and Blazing Saddles!

Deltas and Dugouts : Men’s Core 2016
August 16, 2016
Vic Falls Finale – Men’s Core 2016
August 16, 2016

Business, Bushpigs and Blazing Saddles!


Business, Bushpig and Blazing Saddles!

By Marco Polo Tent: Ben Tiller, Laurato Chebez and Ant Bentley-Buckle


This week the focus was on business and personal finance. The first couple of days were spent learning about the basics of finance and accounting. The following days we were divided into 4 groups in order to take part in a business simulation in which we created our own companies. We learn about taking risks,  being creative and basic maths.

Although this was a challenging and interesting task, it was not the highlight of the week.  This week was not made memorable by any one event, but rather the many small things that took place. Moments such as the few of us who were late for PT having the ‘deep heat treatment’, or jumping into an empty reservoir in an attempt to rescue a bush pig with only some nets and rope.   Ben also had to perform an entertaining forfeit for being ‘whitewashed’ in pool.  A herd of impala, family of bush babies and two labradors are still recovering from the shock!

We also started horse riding as a group and so far almost half the group has been out on evening rides, getting very close to giraffe, zebra and impala.  The group has mixed abilities and all hope to reach the level of competency to star in our own version of ‘McCloud’s Daughters’…. and sons!