‘Call 911’ by Nicholas Marffy

Mining Week by Hugo Van Lennap
January 8, 2016

‘Call 911’ by Nicholas Marffy

‘Call 911’ by Nicholas Marffy

This week we have completed, and all passed (!) an intensive advanced pacmed course.  We are all much more confident that we could actually save someone’s life if we came across an accident.

During the course of the week we lost the power in 2 of the tents due to a blow in the cable. Because of this we have been helping dig a trench to replace the old cable with new, stronger, armoured cable.

We have had a huge variety in exercise too.  We learned how to stretch some previously undiscovered muscles in a yoga class which was quite entertaining.  We have been doing intensive core workouts and strength and endurance training in early morning sessions, and can already see a difference in our strength, physique, and fitness.  Sometimes we kick off our training with a 4 km run which we all thoroughly enjoy, mainly because it takes us out into the stunning Quiet Waters game park.

We have been spending our evenings after the final first aid session of the day, on the sports fields playing touch rugby, and in the pool cooling off and playing waterpolo.

We also spent a morning working in Quiet Waters on bush clearance, lantana control and road building.  This will enable parts of Quiet Waters to be opened up, and hopefully eradicate invasive plant life.

This exciting week has come to an end, and we look forward to seeing what’s in store for us next week.