Cawston Ranch with Mixed Core

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August 24, 2016
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September 12, 2016

Cawston Ranch with Mixed Core

Cawston Ranch with Mixed Core

By Thesiger Tent: Katherine Jones and Holly Ingram


This week saw the Mixed Core Intake heading to Cawston Ranch for 5 days of hunting in the sun, making the work load fun; as fun as road clearing, branding cows, chopping thorn trees, and patrolling the fence lines can be! Waving the hunters goodbye each morning, the rest split into groups to assist the ranch workers with their daily duties. We learnt a lot about other people’s backgrounds and the hard work that goes into the up keeping of a ranch of 32,000 hectares.

As a result of our efforts, we were given the opportunity to hunt impala, assisted by professional hunter, Richard Brebner, and the incredibly hawk-eyed tracker Moffat. Initially, our hunting skills did not match our work efforts, as after three days we could only boast two kills. However, the group’s spirits were raised when our final day ended with five kills, bringing up the group average considerably. Mr M’s faith in our capabilities was also restored, having been brought down by our dismal efforts when shooting his beloved (off-target) gun, ‘Samantha’ in target practice!

Being given the chance to hunt also provided us a better insight into the ethics surrounding hunting, leading us to debate the pros and cons around the campfire on our last night. This preceded the traditional event of tasting either impala testicles or liver, raw and finely chopped to suit our liking!!

Luckily, we were fortunate enough to have the great Ivan with us on the trip, so the taste of raw meat could be washed down by the taste of deliciously cooked meat! Stomachs full, we left on Friday with the memories of the week and the aches of a long awaited morning PT session creeping in.

On our way back to Quest, we stopped off at a mining company that practices eco-farming, enabling us to gain a better understanding on a subject that will be the basis of our future group projects at Quest.

The girls were then treated to a bit of retail therapy, stopping off at ‘Bend-Over Bazaar, before meeting up with the boys to explore the Natural History Museum.

We returned to Quest with the thought of a highly anticipated weekend running through our minds, planning to recuperate and reorganise ourselves in preparation for the week ahead!