Changing of the Guard by Shannon Mc Crae

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November 24, 2017
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December 6, 2017

Changing of the Guard by Shannon Mc Crae

The Changing of the Guard

By Shannon McCrae

This week we worked on our projects. The week started out as normal with a yoga session for PT on Monday. The intake then all started to make great progress on their projects. On Tuesday Dayna and Shannon took the children of Ntabende School on an outing to a wildlife sanctuary in Bulawayo for their project. The trip was very successful and the children really enjoyed it as some of them had never even left the area in which they live.

They arrived back at Quest to some amazing news. It had been announced that Robert Mugabe who had been the undisputed President of Zimbabwe for 37 years had resigned. This called for a big celebration. The evening was filled with smiles all round as well as a lot of dancing. There was also lots of conversation as to what this actually means for Zimbabwe. A lot of questions such as “will the corruption finally come to an end” were asked. None the less everyone at Quest was excited to be a part of this monumental day in Zimbabwe’s history. The 37 year reign had finally come to an end! The Zimbabweans were very proud to see their country come together in one big peaceful celebration. It was a beautiful sight indeed. The Zimbabwean flag was certainly flying high that night.

The vibe on Wednesday however somewhat less lively due to an accidental breakage that had occurred the night before. Once the issue of the breakage was resolved everyone carried on the week in a light hearted manner. On Friday we had our final QFT which everybody did remarkably well in. Happy to have our last QFT over and done with, we enjoyed wine tasting later that evening with Mrs Randell. I think we all learnt that wine tasting is a lot more than the actual consumption of it. We all learnt how to get very creative with the way we described the colour, smell and taste of wine.

On Saturday morning we all did our Current Affairs Presentation. This was very thought provoking and left many of us with questions and opinions we did not have before. These presentations also showed how far we have come with our public speaking as we saw great improvement in many of our peers. Dayna Du Bois at the start of Quest could barely stand up in front of us to present her “I speech” but now nearing the end of Quest, Dayna can stand in front of us with an air of confidence that wasn’t there before.

Nearing the end of the weekend we are all excited to be heading to Victoria Falls on Monday as this will be our last trip with Quest. We are all spending our Sunday packing up and preparing for the trip.