Concerning Characters by Magellan Tent -James Taylor, Nick Levermore and Luke du Toit

Food, Glorious Food by Ethan Shahim
March 13, 2018
A Big Lake by Robbie Law
March 16, 2018

Concerning Characters by Magellan Tent -James Taylor, Nick Levermore and Luke du Toit

Coming from an exciting week of cycling in Matopos to a week of lectures on psychology didn’t seem too exciting at the time. However as soon as we started we were all immediately engaged, as we realized that this is definitely something we all needed. Most of us are clueless as to what lies ahead in our futures and careers. Mrs. Vander Ruit held individual interviews with all of us, we chatted about personality types and our future plans. Lots of the boys benefited from this and are now a lot more self-aware, knowing their strengths and weaknesses.


Although our lectures were rather restful, we can’t say the same for our morning PT sessions. Mr. Randle turned an ordinary PT session into a fairly imaginative one by using a deck of cards. There were 52 brutal exercises for every card in the deck. The type of suit chosen would determine the type of exercise we had to do. This PT was made even tougher by the rain, mud and thorns.


On one of the evenings we had an introduction to wine tasting, everyone jumped at the thought of free alcohol! It was rather interesting learning about the factors that affect the wine flavour and it was good fun to try a mixture of 5 different reds and whites.


On the 10th of March we have a touch rugby tournament which we have been training extremely hard for, for the last few weeks. However it is apparent that some have been training harder than others, we have been split up into 2 teams, the A team and the B team. For some reason the B team is actually quite good and have been giving the A team a run for their money in our little practice matches.


On Saturday we had the Two Dam Tough race, it was a 21km running race. We were split into groups of 3 and did a relay race of 7km each. Everyone found the steep ascents tough but we all did well and pushed ourselves. It was a big achievement for everyone to do 7km, but the biggest achievement of that day was Luke Walters doing the full 21km run, everyone was extremely surprised as they saw him continue after the first check point. Luke pushed so hard throughout the 21km and has some seriously strong will power that motivated him to continue. I think we are all still shocked at his amazing effort on Saturday. After the exhausting run we had a lovely lunch and a few beers at the boat house looking out onto Ncema dam. All in all a very diverse and interesting week!