Vunduful Week
January 8, 2016
Quest Africa review by Tim Rath
January 8, 2016



By Asher de Jager, Philip Cox and Jean Reverdy of Magellan Tent

Week 6 / Intake 2 2015

This week we did something that would make our mothers very proud:  the Art of Feeding Ourselves.

We attempted everything from baking chocolate biscuits to making lasagne from scratch. It all went extremely well considering no-one died throughout the week from food poisoning.  The prize of free beers was also a very helpful motivator.

Since we were exploring the culinary art we got the chance to visit the slaughter house in Bulawayo to see where most of our meat comes from. It was an interesting experience to witness the origin of our steaks and burger patties. It was also very interesting to see how the different member of the group reacted!

However this week was not entirely about the food as we also explored the rich Zimbabwean history whilst visiting the Railway Museum and the Museum of Natural History in Bulawayo. We also found the simulated mine in the museum way more appealing than the actual mine that we visited a couple of weeks ago. Probably due to the fact that we could walk away after five minutes……

We also took part in a few cultural activities this week such as wine tasting and also travelling to Bulawayo to support the Falcon College performance of Aladdin. As it was the Gala Evening we took full advantage of the wine and cheese. Yet our joys where short lived when we found out that we still had PT the next morning nevertheless we did our session despite the fact that we had a mere 5 hours of sleep the previous night.

Our week ended with a 15km mountain bike race over the many loose rocks and inclines that Quiet Waters has to offer, yet the reward for the top three places did however, motivate various Quest cyclists to perform their best and so won said prizes. (I guess the incentive to beat/keep up with/ keep in sight of/ your facilitators and a girl had nothing to do with it??-Ed)

Though our week was one of great success it was not quite so pleasant for some. During the course of one PT session our over competitive facilitators, Mr. M and Mr Randle, broke a tooth and had 5 stitches to a head wound respectively!

Needless to say we all thoroughly enjoyed our week and sustained no serious injuries….. facilitators excluded!

“The ability to lose gracefully stands one in greater stead than the unattractive (and sometimes painful) hunger to win everytime” – Debretts (Ed)