Counting by Matt van Hooreweghe

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October 26, 2017
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November 9, 2017

Counting by Matt van Hooreweghe

From Counting Game to Counting Steps on the Dance Floor

By  Matt Van Hooreweghe


Our 3rd Quest Fitness Test was scheduled for Thursday, so our PT sessions for the week weren’t to physical. Going from doing our own sessions to Mrs. Fleming’s agility course. Some Questors had more entertaining balancing techniques than others but all in all we managed to catch a golf ball whilst balancing on a balance board… on one leg! We also knew our different colours after running around like chickens in a square and touching the respective colours that were shouted by our teammates as fast as possible. Some of us ended up a little dizzy but we all had a laugh.

Tuesday evening was the outing that most Quest boys were waiting for. Going into town to go and ballroom dance with new girls.(Sorry Quest ladies.. I should have organised some new men for you too!- ed) With the boys all tidy and deodorant cans passed around in the overlander before jumping off, there we were with young good looking girls in front of us. The dancing started, most of us men all dancing like robots and counting 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 to the moves our teacher gave us was quite entertaining. The faster the music went the faster the Cha cha cha became a muddle up. After an hour of sweat and moves we then moved to Roosters, a restaurant a little further into Bulawayo.

We then had the chance to interact with the different girls. Which was great fun for most of us. The next day we asked Mrs. Randle if we could do it again.

Wednesday came, 5 of us went back into town to help with the disabled riding. Always a great opportunity for all of us to put a smiles on our, and others, faces.

We carried on with our projects for the rest of the afternoon. Ulrich, William and I went for a short outride with Mrs Randle and finished off by crossing a little tributary from the weir to cool the horses down. After dinner we had a talk and video about “Digital Cocaine”. Thursday came, we all helped packing up the overlander and our personal stuff, for the next two weeks we will be spent in Malawi. Friday early morning we all got onto the overlander to start our 26 hour journey.  Malawi here we come!

NB The QFT was held on Thursday and the writer of this blog broke the previous record for the run…. No mean feat! – ed