Deltas and Dugouts : Men’s Core 2016

Projects under Pressure – Men’s Core 2016
August 10, 2016
Business, Bushpigs and Blazing Saddles!
August 16, 2016

Deltas and Dugouts : Men’s Core 2016


The final Men’s Core expedition started with a week to Botswana to experience working in the Kalahari dust, and the pleasures of drifting around the islands in the Okavango delta.  The work part consisted on helping build a couple of small houses by felling trees and de-barking the logs.

Their trip to the delta started early and they jumped into dugouts and headed off to an area teaming with wildlife.  After setting up camp on an island they went on a game walk.  This turned into a muddy fishing expedition as they discovered a puddle with barbel……

After a night in the delta they returned to camp and prepared for the drive to Vic Falls where they would be experiencing what the tourist industry is like, from the ‘other side’.