Designing, Dining, Dashing and Desperate Guessing by Fiennes Tent

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March 16, 2018
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April 25, 2018

Designing, Dining, Dashing and Desperate Guessing by Fiennes Tent

Designing, Dining, Dashing and Desperate Guessing

By Fiennes Tent: Karl Rieger, Matthew Slack and Cameron Fleming



This week was eventful. We got split into two groups again; group number one spent the first couple of days, doing a course in design and technology. We learnt how to design a house, put it into a plan and even draw it in 3D. Combined with the bricklaying of last week, we should now kind of, in theory, be able to build our own house! One task, we had, was to design and lay out a new facility for workers in Quiet Waters. Some of these ideas will actually be put into practice, for us to see in the near future.


On Wednesday, we swapped over with group number two, who had, in the meantime, done a welding course. For the ones who hoped to get away from theory, they were sadly let down, because the certificate involved four exams. Not to worry though, because we still had lots of hands on time, practicing the four methods of welding, exposing our eyes to a little more UV light, than entirely necessary, and to weld some cool souvenirs. As expected, the “filthy smokers” were unable to think of anything else but their habit, and made themselves ashtrays, rather than something sensible to take home to their parents in the break to come.


On Tuesday, we had another Toastmasters at the Randle’s house. The two speakers, Cameron and Ethan did extremely well, representing both sides of the controversial topic of drug legalisation. Shortly after, we debated on, whether a year of compulsory conscription would be a good idea and obviously the Randle’s, being an ex-military family, got involved as well. You can probably all guess, what side they took!


On Wednesday night, a group of four, including Mathew, Mitchell, Jermaine and myself, hosted the first ‘Come Dine with Me’ at the Randle’s house, so you guys are in for some exclusive information! We cooked them a nice, 3 course meal, which was kind of an experiment, since three out of four barely even knew how to turn on the oven. Against all odds, we didn’t burn the house down and even managed to cook a nice meal. For entertainment, we thought of a couple things, that all involved our guests to come out of their shell and be a little silly. For example, we gave the cutlery, wine, etc. funny names. At the end of the night, we were all well filled, with both food and drink.


On Thursday night, we watched a musical at Falcon, called ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’. The cast really put in a lot of effort and we all enjoyed it and since Easter is right around the corner, it was appropriately about the Passion Week.


Both groups finished their courses on Saturday, just in time, to pop over to Falcon College, to watch our “fastest four”, contend in the ‘Founders Day’ relay sprint. As expected, everybody else cheated, which unfortunately cost us the race.


Later that night, after some delicious burgers, that the talented kitchen duty made us, we all went to the main area, to have a sensible beer or two at the bar. Mr M had set up an absolutely impossible pub quiz, involving many topics, that most of us had no knowledge of whatsoever. We tried our best, guessing the right answers and at the end the team that guessed the best, got rewarded with two chocolate bars and the team, that guessed the worse, got given two free hours of WIFI to ‘educate themselves’.


Everyone was looking forward to Sunday, after that long week! And I can confidently say, that most of us are making the most of the time, doing close to nothing, recharging our batteries. That is because the two Mr’s have thought of some nasty cycles or something for next week, which are supposed to be entertaining and fun… for them.