Electrics, Natural acumen and Leadership by Robbie Law

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April 25, 2018
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May 10, 2018

Electrics, Natural acumen and Leadership by Robbie Law

Electrics, Natural Acumen and Leadership skills

By Robbie Law of Heyerdahl


After half of a Sunday and no lie in on Monday, the facilitators gave us journal writing for PT, which made all of us happy as we were still ruined after Iron Will. Everyone was still feeling the aftermath of our weekend, so concentration levels weren’t as high as they usually should be and there were definitely some achy bodies.


The first day of electrics was entirely theory based, so there were a few struggling to stay focused; a few of us even had to resort to energy bars and gels left over from Iron Will. However tired we were, we knew we had to find interest and learn, as there was a test coming in the next two days and no one likes to fail. The next day was half theory and the other half was putting to test what we had learnt in the practical side of things. We were split into two groups of 6 and were tasked with making a circuit board which our instructor had designed. Naturally as guys it became a competition to finish first and get it right as well. It was pretty close on the first day of construction, with both teams having their conduits (PVC tubing) ready. The next day told a different story, our team raced ahead of the other, finishing wiring our whole circuit board before they had even finished putting their conduits up. All that was left was to wait and see if we had wired it right, whilst the other team finished up, had our fast assembly been careful enough? The test arrived some good time later with the other group finally, after lots of rewiring, finishing their circuit board. We switched on the power and both teams had one light that didn’t turn on, now for some troubleshooting. The other team knew exactly what was wrong straight away, we however had to do some digging, only to find out that it was just the light bulb connecter being turned 180 degrees the wrong way. So we’ll call it a tie, with our team being clearly faster but the other team being more accurate.


After our competitive electrics sessions, it was now time for us to slow down a bit and learn a bit more about nature. Mr. MacDonald (‘founder’ of Quiet Waters) took us on a drive and taught us a bit about the birds of the area, and also a bit of the history behind the mine surrounding us. Again we had to pay extra attention because there would be a test on birds. After lunch we went for a biology lesson with Mrs. Kelly on the mammals around us, and all of their different traits, even though we didn’t have a test we were all very focused, as we were amazed by the collection of skulls and various animal parts that were on display.

A visit from Harvey Leared and Andy Laing resulted in a very educational afternoon and evening. Mr. Leared took us through our journals and spoke to us about different learning methods which certainly opened our minds to the various ways to learn. Mr. Laing gave us a talk on happiness, and with his incredible experience came great wisdom and I can safely say we all enjoyed the talk.  We finished off the evening in the bar and had a good social event, getting to know Mr. Leared and Mr. Laing.  All in all, it was a great visit.

The next day was our leadership skills day, with Mr. Randle taking us through the different aspects and ways of leading, with a few bizarre tasks in-between, one being having to try get another group to guess what we were, which happened to a be a smoked bacon cutting and packaging machine, which I’m sure provided some amusement to the staff observing from the office. We then moved on to actually leading groups, with a variety of challenges. Again we were split up into groups of 6, and each member of the group had to lead the rest of the group in one of the 6 challenges set up. It definitely lived up to the name of a challenge, having to get 6 guys over an imaginary electric wire with only 2 pieces of bamboo and two lengths of rope proved rather hard, other activities involved trying to build a bridge over a river without being able to get into the river. We definitely all enjoyed it though and learnt a lot about how to guide people to success.

Last day of the week and we were back to natural acumen, which was started up by an in depth look at the carnivores of Southern Africa brought to us by Mr. Lenton, who blew us away with his knowledge and the experiences he had whilst researching animals such as leopards, lions, genets and hyena to name a few. Then came the bird test, we were all very keen to pass as Mr. H said that if we failed we had to re-write during bar night that night, so everyone was very well studied, and I can say that everyone made it to the bar. We then had a talk about insects from Mr. H, who again gave us a great understanding of the ecosystems around us, and how so many things rely on insects.


So that’s been our week, and we’re looking forward to what’s coming up next week.