January 8, 2016
Cool Runnings
January 8, 2016




By Duggie Cook, of Heyerdahl Tent.  Intake 2


After last Sunday’s treacherous ordeal of watching Hudson struggle for hours writing last week’s blog whilst I lay my head back to watch The Interview, I have decided to do the unthinkable and start the week’s blog on Sunday morning.

Split into three groups we started Tech Week 2, and it was back to school with a Quest twist for design and technology. Our task was to design a toilet and shower building for the Mbonisa weir, where we usually spend our weekend afternoons sunbathing and swimming. Or in my case sun-burning and in Mike’s case performing belly flops.

Sam returned for another tech week to teach us more construction, and in mechanics we continued to rebuild an engine and put it back in to the now beautifully painted Land Rover.

Monday evening brought another scintillating social evening. We had an evening with the Falcon College Etiquette Society, a couple of drinks, a piece of cake and some great banter in which Rob was compared to a member of the Mexican cartel, and I was compared to Zach Galifanakis. We eventually stumbled back to our tents happy.

On Quest we learn so much. The phrase “you learn something new every day” is just not true, you learn 10 new things every day. Yet one thing we cannot seem to learn is cleaning and tidying.  After persuading the facilitators not to make us sleep in the vlei on Monday evening after we left our tents in a right state, it took us only until Thursday for our tents to get back to normal…. a right state…, thus more cold nights in the vlei on Thursday and Friday. But when all 17 of us are around the fire having a good time is it really much of a punishment??  We had three tent inspections this week with every nook and cranny being checked out for specks of dust and what we thought to be impossible was made possible….. Matthew managed to fail all three inspections. Rest assured we are currently in contact with the Guinness Book of World Records.

As a Pommie one of my favourite aspects of Quest is where Quest is situated.  We have the Falcon College facilities such as football fields, squash courts and tennis courts a couple of minutes away, whilst our tents are in the bush.  I went for a run on Thursday, (yes mother, father you did read that correctly,) and I ran past 2 gaber goshawk being flown by 2 Falcon boys, 4 zebra and over 30 impala. After a quick sunset selfie on top of hangover hill, I was treated to seeing 8 giraffe in one spot. All this was just hundreds of metres from our tents. In comparison to the occasional fox and a herd of deer in the Sussex woodlands, Quiet Waters is special.

So, in comparison to some weeks, excluding the tent inspections, it’s been a rather quiet week. Intake 2 have just one week until we start our 3 day journey to Malawi and we are all very much looking forward to that.


Duggie Cook of tent Heyerdahl signing off.