Exposing, Expiring and Exhausting

Elephant Prints – Mixed Core 2016
October 12, 2016
A Packed Week by Alistair White
October 30, 2016

Exposing, Expiring and Exhausting

Exposing, Expiring and Exhausting…..

By Adam Pentz


I think I can speak for rest of the Mixed Core when I say that this past week has been a week full of inspiration, frustration and limitless laughter.


We have been kept on our toes all week long, as you will soon read about.

We had the usual 2 group split, in order to get the full benefits from our electrics and filming courses.


First off, we (Group 1) met a gentleman called Ben, who would teach us electrics at the workshop. We started out as eager learners, using the paper and the pen, relaying questions to get a better understanding…… But, that all changed as the sun focused all its solar power on the tiny workshop and its victims within. The tin roof became white hot, the concrete floor beneath soared to molten lava temperatures, as the rays relentlessly beat down on it. Our ‘teacher-without –trauma’ was still hard at us, explaining something called ‘the theory of the 1 gang’ (no idea).  We were trapped on all fronts. But… suddenly… 10 o’clock struck, and jam sandwiches were our saviors.

It was the deadly combination of theory and a 35-degree Zimbabwean hell. I would say I’m lucky to get out alive… but then again, I am here writing, and I don’t like writing blogs… so perhaps not so lucky.

In the end we redeemed ourselves when we passed our group practical with a 99.5% mark.

Next on the agenda was Photography. (Wednesday – Thursday)

I was extremely excited for this short course and learnt a lot in the short time frame. Our photographer and teacher, Mr. Andre van Rooyen, spoke to us one night after supper and we learned that he went through a near life ending experience with a lioness that left him damage man but created a stronger more passionate human being. His work and teachings definitely portrayed his passion for photography.

He taught us about how to better oneself with any camera no matter the price. Be it taking a portrait and making it natural yet surreal, to using the famous and effective rule of thirds. Then he showed how to reveal hidden emotions in a picture by a simple three minute edit.

I am truly grateful, that Quest can introduce to us such interesting and inspiring individuals such as Mr. van Rooyen

‘Filming Friday’

We all had our ‘film crew’ caps on for Friday. I was in a group with Bella, Shannon and Sam. It was tough trying to find a four-way solution, but in the final cut we all had our fair share of camera time! During the process we absolutely drenched ourselves in our tears of laughter while editing the many scenes and bloopers. We all had that amateur acting voice and unnatural body language, meanwhile your thinking on camera you’re doing brilliantly. Viewing your acting afterwards was pretty soul crushing for most of us, but for others was a pure trip… at our expense.

There were many faults with each film, from swear words to going blank, but in our eyes they were pure comic relief. It was a great night watching all of our films together and I think true friends always laugh harder at each other than any other.

Our first Triathlon

6 AM Triathlon. Enough said.

Mr. Randle was there waiting for us at the Falcon Pool with his trademark smirk…. and described the challenge ahead. Many semi-closed eyes just closed with disbelief. Up first were the pool and its twenty-five widths.  Then to the bicycles where we raced 9 kilometers towards Esigodini. The tar road was the segment where we all became more spaced out, some flying, and some pottering. The 9-kilometer cycle ended again at the pool. The transition was seamless almost like cycle, unclip, jump and run. We ran straight through the College with many heads turning as we blazed passed, wiping a mixture a sweat and chlorine from our foreheads. Running the fence line of Falcon we were pushing ourselves to our limits to finalize our times. The relief was overwhelming when we passed the finish line. Also Mr. and Mrs. Randle, Miss Ross and our UK visitor Max joined us in the Triathlon every step of the way which was very encouraging when we heard them cheering us on. (As Adam sped past us becoming the eventual winner!) – ed).  It was no easy PT session but most performed really well that morning.  Thank goodness for Sundays!