Finally – Hangover Hill !

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July 6, 2016
Men’s Core at Malilangwe
July 19, 2016

Finally – Hangover Hill !


By Livingstone Tent: Luca Giannoccaro, Matt Stanford and Michael (Grandpa) Geyser.

Firstly, our apologies to all the parents and devoted blog readers for the delay in getting this blog done.

We began our second project week, working hard to make headway on our chosen tasks.  Well, some of us did, whilst others decided on a rather leisurely week.  We also had our most formal tent inspection to date.  These two factors resulted in some of the group sleeping in the vlei, and all of us doing ‘Hangover Hill’ on Saturday morning!

Project week started with a bang and everyone worked hard, making good progress.. for a while.  Later on in the week some groups got a little lazy, and members a little distracted.  Shouts from the workshop where the Jeep rebuild was taking place, for Hugo to ‘Stop riding your bike around the workshop and come work’ could be heard by the nearby group which caused great amusement!  The following day some members in that same group decided to participate in the National Stay Away, mainly to recover from the excitement of seeing a few members of the opposite sex the evening before and thus having to make themselves more ‘charming’ by imbibing plenty of beer at the bar… When asked why they were not working, one bright spark said ‘To support our fellow Zimbabwean workers’.. he, of course, was  South African, and the one Zimbabwean on the team actually worked hard all day!

For one particular project group their Saturday was spent ironing…not clothes, but meters of plastic sheeting, joining two lengths together by melting them into each other for their fish tank. Joel (Bear Grylls) Griffin mastered the iron and spent roughly 5hours joining approximately 9m of plastic.

We had two evenings of mock up interviews.  We had been given possible jobs to apply for and if your name came out the hat, you were either interviewed or had to sit on the panel and participate in doing the interviewing.  Generally the group was well prepared and had researched the jobs and read the notes on interview success.  When suddenly put on the spot it is obvious who’s done the preparation!  There were some however who were definitely not getting a ‘call back’!

After Mr Randle walked through some of the tents on Friday morning and was less than impressed at the state of them, he gave us fair warning of a very strict tent inspection due that evening.  At 5.30pm the tents appeared, to us, to be cleaner than they ever had been, however we all have different standards and one of the tents was clearly not up to Mr Randle’s ‘military’ precision!  The occupants of which then had to re-locate to the vlei, accompanied by ‘Grandpa Geyser who was a bit slow on the uptake and hadn’t quite got round to cleaning his side of the tent!  It was a chilly night for the ‘tent-less’ group as temperatures dropped and frost settled all around them!

The next morning we all met at the base of Hangover Hill at 6am.  The Nissan patrol was to be pushed and pulled up the steepest hill in Quiet Waters.  Once up at the top we then had to decide what punishment to give Matthieu as he showed up 10mins late with his excuse being  “ I thought there were enough people to pull the car!”  We kindly escorted him down the hill and to the dam where he had to take a nice, ice cold, early morning dip with the Egyptian geese squawking their approval and dabchicks paddling out of the mists to enjoy the entertainment!

We finished the week with a lazy, sleep catch up Sunday (perhaps we should have written this blog then?!) and preparing for our week in the lowveld.