From Personality Types to Puff Adders

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February 24, 2016
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March 7, 2016

From Personality Types to Puff Adders

PERSONALITIES TO PUFF ADDERS….. and a lot more in between!


By Heyerdahl Tent,  Jared Buitendag, Liam Pietersen and Haydn Cole


It’s our 6th week at Quest and we have done so many incredible things that so many people could never dream of doing. This week started off with a personality assessment and career guidance, which helped us to find out who we are.  We learnt new things about ourselves and each other and what careers would best suit us.

We had the privilege doing community service and help a rural school that is about 20minutes away from Quest. It was so incredible to see how they managed to work when they hardly have any proper equipment to use for writing and teaching the children. 10 Questors went to the school to help teach the children English and maths, and discovered that it was a real privilege to help those less fortunate than us. We invited the children to come back with us to Quest where we all had lunch together and ate with our hands as they hardly use knives and forks. This was quite an experience especially for some of our overseas Questors!

The following night we had a Toastmasters evening during which we had a speeches on social media. The two speakers were Brandan and Henry and they had to speak on the advantages and disadvantages to communication and relationships that the rapid advance of social media has caused.  This was very interesting because they both argued a good case. Hayden had to do a 1 minute impromptu speech on ‘The life of a candle’. He was put on the spot and did fairly well due to the fact that it was a tricky topic. Once he was done we all had to participate in the last debate which on The Success of Violent Protest. We were all split randomly into 2 groups one for, and the other against. It was plenty of fun and we had a few laughs here and there but we all had a fair argument and at the end the ‘for’ side won. (There were some excellent, informed arguments! –ed)

Thursday afternoon saw us heading off in the Overlander to Whitestone Primary school where the Bulawayo Dance Academy is based, to learn how to dance! This was a little tough for some as they had to get way out of their comfort zone, yet for us all it was an absolute amazing night with plenty of laughs and excitement and also great experience to learn how to dance the Hustle and the Foxtrot. Most of us had never danced at all. We ended the night with a couple beers and pizzas with the girls and just chatted and relaxed.

On Saturday we had a snake talk which was very useful as it will help us identify most of our local snakes and know whether or not they are venomous or not. The instructor, Mr. Ross Johnston brought many of his own snakes from his personal collection.  This was really interesting seeing some really dangerous snakes.  We were allowed to handle the harmless snakes.

It has been an absolute amazing week and a privilege for us to learn such a variety new things. With so many activities that have taken many of us out of our comfort zones, we have had to bond as a group and  support and encourage each other to work as a team and try new things, as most of us will never get these opportunities ever again.


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