Gearing Up

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June 16, 2016
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July 15, 2016

Gearing Up

“Gearing Up”

Justin Faber, Matthew Wicht, Mattieu Marti

The first week of our third term here at Quest, was primary focused around our projects. We were tested on our roles in our groups from business and financial skills to digging holes and working on site. The groups worked well as they got on with their respective jobs. The groups also had to handle the embarrassing and endless phone calls to their suppliers.  Some of the guys went to town to find quotes and buy supplies and found it quite a lot easier.

Throughout the week the Quest group trained for the dreaded Tour de Falcon. Every evening, after a long day’s work, we were all sent off on a compulsory training ride. The longest was cycling to Esigodini and back which was 25km on road. On the actual race day most of us had the 61km off-road mountain bike challenge. Unfortunately for Matthew Morkel, he suffered an irreparable puncture before the race had even begun which resulted in him having to sit around and wait for the rest of the team to complete the challenge.

The cycle from Bulawayo all the way to Falcon College I can tell you now, was a hard one. On the day of the cycle we suffered very cold and miserable weather which made us all want to curl up in a ball and watch a movie! But….. we had a job to do, and that was to cycle 61km! We all did the cycle in great spirit and with much humour, and really enjoyed ourselves. We got to experience many new things as many of us had never participated in a bike race before. Andrew joined Morkel on the side line as he unfortunately broke his bike and had to withdraw from the race. And as always “no pain, no gain”….  this time applying to Michael Geyser who had a spectacular crash after rather a fast corner and had to have some impressive wounds cleaned up before pushing on (at the same speed!) to the end of the race, finishing in a very good time. (Well done Geyser)

The cycle ended off by handing in your number and chip, and in most guys’ cases, scrambling off to the food courts for a well deserved meal and drink. This ended the week with a satisfying feeling of achievement, and we are excited for what’s in still to come in our remaining weeks at Quest!