Getting Stuck In

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February 29, 2016
Vunduful Kariba
March 17, 2016

Getting Stuck In



By Nansen Tent

Matthew Wicht, Justin Faber, Mattieu Marti


The week started off with being split into three groups:  construction, plumbing and electrics. These are three important, hands on, skills which are essential for building as well as home maintenance.

The construction group started with learning how to mix cement, from there they went on to build their own one door, one window shed.  One member of Nansen tent decided to try out his ‘house’ and moved in for the night!  (I know the houses in Europe are small but he could not have been comfortable!!-ed) We finished off the week with digging foundations for a wall on the assault course and learning how to plaster.

The plumbing started with cutting and soldering copper pipes as well as learning all the joints. The first practical was to build a candle holder using joints and copper. Next we worked on PVC pipes, galvanised steel and MLP pipes. Then we went on to solar and electrical geysers and worked on some taps.

The electrical program consisted of a lot of theory due to the risks involved and the safety needed.  We also had a ‘science’ lecture which tested our ability to pay attention!! The theory took us though all equipment and how to understand the electrical drawings. The practical tested our knowledge, understanding the differences between the common wire and the live 1 and live 2. The practical continued to electrical faults in the kitchen, and up to the Randle’s house where an ‘interesting’ old farmhouse wiring system leads to very ‘interesting’ faults.

The ‘Come Dine Quesigodini’ challenge started on Friday with the first ‘team’ holding a dinner party at the Randle’s house.  Three guests from Bulawayo were invited and after several hours of slaving in the kitchen during Friday afternoon, the three hosts provided an excellent 3 course meal and entertained the guests with endless games. (Excellent evening and they have set the bar…. good luck the rest of the teams!-ed)

Having spent the week getting ‘stuck in’ to the practical skills that will make us all useful husbands one day, we finished the week getting ‘stuck in’ to the mud on the assault course.  (Looking at the photos, they may need a little more help and certainly a good shower before we pursue the ‘good husbands’ theme –ed!)