Ground Work

Mixed Core – The Quest Begins
July 19, 2016
The Grand Challenge : Men’s Core
July 31, 2016

Ground Work


By Thesiger Tent:  Katherine Jones and Holly Ingram

After only 2 weeks at Quest one would be surprised at how strong our group has become, through each person’s individual strengths. The many different activities we have experienced this week has allowed for everyone to become a leader in their own way.

At Longueville farm, a quiet afternoon abruptly turned into a night alone in the bush with nothing but a sleeping bag, water and one other Questor for company…. This unexpected challenge, amongst others, helped to grow personal relationships between members of the group.  The farm also gave us amazing opportunities to sight a rare Martial Eagle’s nest and chick, as well as come into close contact with ostriches.  As well as all this we got the opportunity to experience the agricultural side of life through assisting with the planting of cabbages, picking onions as well as clearing roads.  This gave us a chance to recognise how oblivious we are of the hard day to day work that goes into producing food we take for granted.

This revelation continued as we followed the men underground (at Farvic Mine) to where they spend 8 hours a day, 7 days a week in the toughest of conditions.  We saw how gold is extracted from rock more than 300m below the surface, and participated in the intense activities that go un-noticed above ground.  Coming back from a long day of mining we were all appreciative of a roof over our heads, as opposed to settling down for the night in our collapsing shelters of the previous week!

We are currently in Matopos at Mtshebezi Dam where we will be abseiling, paint balling (watch out guys we have you in our sights!), cycling, hiking and not forgetting our favourite activity of PT at 6am everyday!