Hard Graft by Alex Kubieske

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June 15, 2017
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July 20, 2017

Hard Graft by Alex Kubieske


Hard Graft

By Alex Kubierske

 After arriving back from 2 extremely busy weeks in Malawi the guys at Quest were expecting (hoping) for a week of recovery. This was all ruined by an announcement by our facilitators that we should prepare that Sunday for a week of hard graft.

For the last 6 days the intake split itself into three. Our main activities were a 3 day course on Architecture, Design and Technology. Another group worked on a continuation of the plumbing course.  This time connecting sinks and cisterns or drilling fittings in the wall in attempts to understanding the mechanisms behind the water management in our houses and tents. The current course is definitely being helped by the access to more materials which broaden the range of knowledge we could obtain prior to Malawi.

 The last group was able to use a precious 3 days to continue work on their projects. In this time 2 groups worked the whole week on setting a foundation for the gym project and the chicken project was furthered by the digging of the foundation whilst the aquaponics group started assembling the base of the expansion. After some delays the group who are refurbishing a Donkey boiler were able to place their orders for materials to begin the fairly short process of installing the new geyser.  Unfortunately due to an unforeseen relocation of the company who would have provided the cows for a new tick control program in Quite Waters, this project has had to be re-thought through. The group thus reallocated the time into helping the gym project.

 The weeks PT was a reminder for everyone that this week promised sweat every day. Especially after 2 meetings with the conditioning coach, Ms Flemming who put us through a tough core session and a disabling calf workout. In between these sessions the intake was graciously handed over to a Quest Yoga session which left many people, like Albert, exclaiming that yoga does not work for people who stand eye to eye with 2 metres. On the other hand Sister Bryant was very surprised to see that 2 unlikely Questies were far more supple than expected.

Many of us here at Quest are looking back at the past week and eagerly counting down the days before we jet off home or to our respective adventures in Hwange, Cape Town and Zambia.


This is Alex Kubierske signing off my papers with 4 days before home.