Introverts and Extroverts….and lions!

Graduation Men’s Core 2016
August 22, 2016
Cawston Ranch with Mixed Core
August 30, 2016

Introverts and Extroverts….and lions!

Introverts, Extroverts and …..Lions!?

By Shackleton Tent: Adam Pentz, Sam Buzidenhout and Ryan Kerr

Here we are writing another blog after yet another obscure yet remarkable week at Quest!

At the start of the week we were introduced to Mrs. Van de Ruit, our occupational psychiatrist.  She was the head torch for our dark and undiscovered wilderness!  During the following three days she taught us about the 16 different personality types, and which ones had been bestowed upon us Questors!  There was initial complete confusion, then, like a fog clearing, a calm acknowledgement and acceptance for all of us.  Many came out as confident and ‘engaging’ extroverts and fewer were typed as the quieter, more reserved introverts.  The last of the alternative types are the ‘judging’ or ‘perceiving’ categories.  When Mrs van de Ruit explained that the ‘Judging’ type was the more organised, structured person, everyone gave slight nods in response, thinking..”Sure, that’s probably me”…. then she explained that the ‘Perceiving’ types are more the ‘go with the flow’ and last minute adrenaline types, almost everyone looked around at each other and there was a definite ‘Yeeeeah… that’s me!’…. It was great!

Next on the diverse schedule was to be recruited by the wildlife orphanage Chipingali for the next 2 days.  We were out of camp, mainly so we wouldn’t disrupt the Men’s Core Graduation which is a finely polished event.  The Men’s Core group were definitely an entertaining lot, and very conveniently have completed one of their projects, a solar powered outdoor shower.. Right by my tent!  Back to Chipingali… we met the manager and the senior volunteer, and many other very cheerful international volunteers.  On the first stage of our introduction tour we met sheep, pigeons, and ‘Bubbles’, the pig.  Yes, with the threat of these vicious animals, we kept our distance and avoided jokes about bacon!! Finally we came across something we genuinely had to fear and treat with great respect.. A pride of 18 lion.  Here we did most of our work.  We placed an enormous dead tree in their enclosure, as well as collecting up a lot of ‘lion waste’!

We left there knowing that the men and women at Chipingali were making a very positive difference in the animal kingdom in Zimbabwe, advocating that animals are our unique and irreplaceable neighbours on this planet.

Six weeks down and three to go until our mid way break… See you all soon.