It Takes All Types!

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January 8, 2016
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January 8, 2016

It Takes All Types!

It Takes All Types!

by Shackleton tent,  

Mike Wright, Rob Sullivan and Bradley Dickerson 

As we head into the final week of our first term here at Quest Africa, the excitement in the air is so thick I swear you could cut it with a knife ( or in our case a machete ). Everyone is focused on our long awaited and if we do say so ourselves, well deserved, break.


Before I begin to share with you the adventures of the past week, and as we have been encouraged this week to appreciate the different things that make us ‘tick’, I would like to talk a little about your young men through the eyes of us, ‘The Boys’.

And what better place to start, than the Bishops trio. I am ofcourse referring to Mike “mom” Wright (aka Gauge for revealing his rather feminine side.), Andy “boet Jesus” During and last but not least Luke “ Hud-shin” Hudson.  As you read in the first instalment of the Schackleton blog, Mike is still mothering myself and Brad, which is strangely much appreciated. Andy, who earned his nickname for his fabulous beard and his inability to see any animal suffer (As seen at the abattoir) continues offer his help and commitment, not matter how impossible the task seems. Luke, with his sarcastic humour and constant calls of “Aya”, continues to make us laugh.

Next we have Basil “Basrafian” Kearns. He is in the tent next to my own, which allows everyone in my tent to hear the most annoying alarm in the world. But apart from this Basil is always keen for a new adventure as long as it involves anything to do with an adrenaline rush. Which brings me to Basil’s partner in crime, Patrick “ Clarkson” Botton. A worthy opponent in any argument and a true master of stand up comedy, Patrick keeps us laughing and energized. Next we have Phillip “ Shox” Cox. Phillip has struggled through this first semester, but has pushed through every challenge that has come his way and I believe he has come out a stronger person. One of our more unorthodox characters we have is Ross “ Hitman” Scott-Riddell. Ross had the misfortune of losing a game of “What Are the Odds” and as a result suffered the penalty of having his entire head shaved. He provides the group with a bit of local culture, as he is from Zimbabwe. He also has a strange taste for many a snack such as kapenta and pig skin popcorn.

Moving on to Hayden “Haydenbaum” Baum. He earned his nickname because he says his first and last name as if he is trying to forge them into the ultimate name. He is also very gifted at the art of football, dribbling and dancing his way around me with all the grace of one of the many impala in Quiet Waters. Then again when it comes to football, I have two left feet.  Next we come to Curtis “Ox” Louw. Ox earned his nickname in the first week of Quest, as he has the ability to move many a heavy object. Ox is always cheery and playful. Now a bit closer to home for me, my best friend Sean “Paco” Pascoe. Sean is always keen to get hands on and jump right in no matter what the task. He also seems to have boundless knowledge in all fields from sports to welding and beyond. Another member of Shackelton is next. Brad “Drax” Dickerson has won the award for best haircut at Quest. He is also the most tidy person I have ever met. No sooner than he has removed a sweaty shirt after PT, it has already found it’s way into a laundry bag where as most of the other peoples clothing is haphazardly thrown on the porch.  We now move on to our resident Afrikaner, Asher “MacGyver” De Jaeger. He earned his nickname because he is the most useful person there is when it comes to knot tying or infact anything to do with boy scouting.

Now for our more distant travellers, Douglas “Dugel” Cook, Jean “Chocolate Bisquit” Reverdy and Matt “mate” Stead. Duggy hails from England. With his colourful hats that reflect his personality, Duggy is always smiling (Except of course for the time when England didn’t win the six nations) and always up for some good banter. Jean is from France and earned his nickname due to his heavy French accent. He is definitely the loudest member of our intake and has the most distinctive laugh I (and no doubt the rest of Zim) have ever heard. Then we have our German, Liam “lizard” Whitehead. He is the only member of Quest who can challenge Hayden at football. I can speak a little German myself, which helps when Liam and I want to have a bit of a gossip. Last but not least theres Matty. A  very shy boy, he has had a bit of trouble finding his voice in the group, but he has definitely gained a lot of confidence and is emerging from his shell.

All in all, a great bunch of guys and I look forward to our second semester together.  This past week we have had aptitude testing. Definitly one of our more relaxed weeks at Quest. After two days of lectures and a further two days of interviews, we travelled to Mr Mpofu’s farm for a night. After we each had a turn with a shotgun (every young mans dream) and an evening of nonsense and tom foolery, the week drew to a close.

So as we approach our last week of the first semester, looking back at all the mountains we’ve climbed and all the obstacles we got through, we have come out a stronger unit and very excited for our break