It’s all about the bike…. and the hills.

January 8, 2016
January 8, 2016

It’s all about the bike…. and the hills.


It’s all about the bike…. and the hills.

By Luke Baber, Amundsen Tent.  Intake 1 / 2015


This past week was one filled with physical endurance and mental strength, in preparation for the Iron Will adventure race.


We left Quest on Monday morning to our base camp in the Matopos and embarked shortly after arrival on our first ride of a mere 32km. The ride was tough but it didn’t even compete with the challenges of the following day’s cycle of about 67km. This was a ride filled with steep, lengthy and mentally challenging hills.  After what seemed like much longer than just a morning’s cycle, we had a well earned lunch break and a visit to Cecil John Rhodes’ grave.

That evening we climbed the huge rocky outcrop that overlooked the camp and were lucky enough to get no only a spectacular view across the Matopos, but also a beer or two, which the facilitators had kindly placed there earlier.

PT the next morning consisted of a short easy run to the MOTH’s sanctuary, a quick look around and then a much-needed stretching session back at camp afterwards. That afternoon we rode for about 42 km to our camping point for that night, the top of Silozwe, a mountain known for being the highest mountain from base to peak in Matopos, not something we wanted to hear after a long few days of cycling!

Nevertheless we climbed the mountain with enthusiasm and we were met with the most beautiful panoramic views at the peak. We cooked our ‘high altitude’ dinner and soon all headed for bed under a canopy of brilliant stars, in preparation for the constant uphill ride the next day.

On our last day we rode back and were given the amazing opportunity to visit the Bulawayo Museum, which had the most amazing Taxidermy exhibitions, snake collections and much more.

As a whole this week has been one of the most physically demanding and we all feel that we are going into Iron Will prepared and ready for the challenge.


Watch this space for our video of the Matopos trip and preparation for Iron Will