Making a difference by Luke Walters

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May 17, 2018
Second Semester Round Up by Matthew Slack
July 2, 2018

Making a difference by Luke Walters

Making a Difference

By Luke Walters

We started the week right where we left off –upgrading the primary school classrooms in some old stables.  Thankfully our group, group 1, managed to complete the transformation of the grade 5 and 6 classroom that day.  Slack, George, Russell and I decided to make use of our artistic skills and painted a tree using our hand prints, which we started to regret due to the random mess of colour!  But with a bit of perseverance we managed to make it look half decent despite having permanent green hands for the next few days and looking like the Hulk!

That evening we had our book and film review speeches which I think everyone put a lot of effort into.  In every speech I learned something new, even if I was familiar with the storyline.  To me, Quinten and Cameron stood out the most as they provided strong visual description and spoke with a passion on their chosen books.

On Tuesday having the Grade 5 and 6’s from Ntabanende over was probably my highlight of the week, despite the weather being pretty miserable for the first time in a while. We each managed to connect and bond with the kids, doing more indoor based activities. For example, ‘Heads shoulders knees and toes’ and a maths quiz including war cries and chants.  We also each got to eat with our own table of children and provide food for them which was a very fulfilling experience.

On Thursday our group set off to go to help with the ‘Healing with Horses’ program in Bulawayo, which we had heard from the other group, was an amazing experience.  Unfortunately we didn’t get to do this as at the last minute the expected group were not able to come.  We still managed to brush groom and clean the horses and had a go at long lining them.  That afternoon we got cracking with our final stages of the second classroom, plastering the step and windows and got going with the paint onto the walls and chalk board.  By the end of the day we were virtually finished, but just needed to tweak a few things and clean everything up.

Our final stage was very straightforward and we were eventually done by mid-morning.  It was very satisfying to know that we had worked at this all week and it was finally completed.  It was also very fulfilling to know that our work is benefitting those less fortunate than us, especially in a community of which we are part.