Making Money, Mechanics and Men

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May 3, 2016
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May 3, 2016

Making Money, Mechanics and Men





Tent Heyerdahl.  Jared,  Hayden and Liam.


We’ve been at Quest for 13 weeks.   It’s more than Quest…… it’s our home, and we are proud to call it such.


We’ve had an absolute amazing week starting off with business and accounting and ending the week with mechanics and an intense PT session covering most of Quiet Waters, and couple beers.


We were fortunate to have Seb Galloway, a former Questor, come to lecture us on Business management and run a business simulation. It was loads of fun creating our own little companies and running them as if they were real , having employees and paying their salaries, buying equipment, materials for our products and seeing what would happen to our company’s if we took risks. We had one company called ‘Bombs R’Us’  who made the most income this was operated by Angus, Luca, Michael and Liam and they won the selves a nice little prize. We gained a lot of knowledge and better understanding of what it’s like running our own company and how stressful it is taking risks in order for our businesses to grow and gain more profit. We were also seeing where we can grow as individuals to become better businessmen.


We spent the last part of the week in the workshop taking old bikes apart, finding out what is wrong with them and what we need to fix in order to get them working again. It takes a lot of skill, knowledge and passions doing this. Know what each part of the bikes engine is called and what it does so we know what needs fixing is also a very messy job! We were working with an engine covered in oil so we couldn’t mind getting our hands all dirty and also covered in oil. It’s really fun though taking apart a rare bike, with a couple of mates, and working on it to eventually be able to fix it.


Two groups started working on the bikes in the morning whilst the other two were doing tasks around Quest gathering wood and fixing things as a team. They then switched jobs at 12.00 so that we all at least got a chance working on the bikes, and help with the essential tasks around camp.


All in all we had a load of fun learning new things, accepting new challenges, having some laughs along with having a couple beers, and bonding as a team.  Learning to help each other and supporting one another to accomplish their role in the team.  Even if it was just adding their knowledge or experience, everyone helped out in some way or form.


We have all been very fortunate to come to Quest and learn these amazing skills that could take most people a life time to learn. Quest has been able to get 20 boys together who were strangers, and get them to bond as a brotherhood and turn them into real men.