Malawi in Another Light by David Wheeler

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May 29, 2017
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Malawi in Another Light by David Wheeler

Malawi in Another Light

By David Wheeler.


A very scenic week for the men of Quest. Passing through several borders to get into Malawi proved shorter than expected. After a tedious 16 hours on the bus, the boys were relieved to arrive at a serene lodge on the beach of Lake Malawi in Senga bay. Further down the beach, the boys were introduced to Sam, the owner of ‘Cool Runnings’  a predominantly backpackers bar . They were then treated to a tasty supper and briefed on what was to come.


The next few days were spent building a playground at the Parachute Battalion army base. Some of the features included an old army cab repainted and repurposed for horse-play; as well as a wall made entirely out of recyclable glass bottles. The purpose of which was to teach the community about recycling. During the time spent at the base, the Questors were interested to know that a group of American cadets were training as part of a programme. Seeing them run in their uniforms was a true Hollywood experience.


Some of the less work orientated events that occurred were the trip to the village market, as well as two separate football matches played against two of the local teams. Apart from planned activities, the ‘Questies’ were ecstatic to go visit the bar in the evenings. Nothing seems to compare with “grabbing a cold one with the boys “. The different visitors from around the globe kept the bar in a very lively mood.


All in all, we are extremely proud of the playground we built and we like to think that we made some sort of difference to a community in need. We look forward to our diving course in monkey bay. There is no doubt it will be just as eventful.