Movies, Mud and Mayweather

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August 24, 2017
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September 5, 2017

Movies, Mud and Mayweather

Movies, Mud and Mayweather


By Pippa, Shannon and Dayna


This week at Quest we began by having a public speaking lecture with Mr Randle, where he taught us strategies to improve this area. Everyone had to present an ‘I Speech’ on themselves, where we basically had to just talk about our life, which was super interesting to hear everyone’s stories.

On Tuesday and Wednesday we did media and moviemaking with Mr.M. Each group produced short movies including: 5 months a Slave, Get Hard at Quest, Brit Hunter and a Stop Motion Quest Tour. We watched them all on Saturday night and they were all very entertaining. Overall Chris, Tim, Angus and Matts group won and their movie was so funny! – They were the ones that did ‘5 Months a Slave’.

From Thursday to Saturday we did welding. We did two types: gas welding and electric arc welding. Some of the boys made weapons and Kieran and Adam made a funky ashtray. We ended the welding with a test so that we can get our welding certificates, which will be good to have in life I guess.

On Friday morning for PT, in teams of four, we did the Quest obstacle course. Some of the obstacles included monkey bars, climbing up the dam wall, swinging on a rope swing and ending with crawling through a tunnel full of mud and water! It was super fun.

Many of us were excited due to the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight on TV early Sunday morning so decided to pull an all nighter and then watch it. This did not go down well as we were making too much noise (noise was not the main problem – ed)and consequently were told we were to meet at hangover hill at 6am on Sunday morning with three bricks in our backpack. All 17 of us arrived there and were told to push a Land Rover up the hill! In case you don’t know what hangover hill is it is basically the longest, steepest hill you can imagine- but it’s a road. Crazy stuff here at Quest!

Definitely learnt our lesson.