A Packed Week by Alistair White

Exposing, Expiring and Exhausting
October 20, 2016
Malawi Sands
November 5, 2016

A Packed Week by Alistair White


‘These days are just packed’

By Alistair White – Mixed Core 2016


This week leading up to Malawi was probably one of the busiest weeks we have had. Combined with a packed schedule, the excitement for our upcoming trip gave everybody a boost to achieve as much as they could.


We had good old Simon Wakefield running us through the works on some basic plumbing. He was definitely one of the most entertaining guest teachers we have had, managing to punctuate any dull moment with a cracker of a story or a well timed joke. We did manage to get the gist of it though, and had some interesting creations arising out of our pipes as well as some of the actual plumbing practice on our Crib and tents.


Almost every day this week we have had an extra activity planned. Mrs R was trying to inject some class into us by subjecting us to an evening of poetry and another of strenuous ballroom dancing. There were a few grunts and groans leading up to the poetry evening. Surprising we discovered there was a (tiny) bit of hidden culture within us, as we all had a good time and everybody got quite involved. Mrs R’s next method of ‘civilising’ us was packing us up and sending us off to the torture chamber, that is, Ballroom lessons at the Bulawayo Country Club. We had an absolute bash. The teachers as well as the girls from the class had the most amazing patience with us, and by the end of the night we all had a basic step in the bag and were completely exhausted.


The main activity for the week was preparing for our projects which we are going to be doing over the next month. We had to present our budgets and ideas to a panel of ‘Dragons”. They assessed our plans and sussed out if it is worth investing in as well as gave us some advice on the projects. There are quite a few good eco-projects and plans being set up.


Our final P.T for this week is definitely worth a mention.  We are training for an upcoming triathlon which happens after Malawi so on Wednesday morning we found ourselves standing at the side of the pool at 5.30am.  This time we did a distance double to what we are used to. Special credit has to go to Ad and Kath who dominated the field and made it look easy!


So the rest of the week (Friday to Sun) we chilled on the Overlander and watched the scenery go by. We arrived at our first night stopover to watch the sun go down over the Zambezi.  This however was the just first day of this hectic 2000km trip over the next 3 stinking hot days.


However,  right now we are all sitting on the Malawi beach and it is well worth every second spent in that Overlander.