Paintball, Pedalling and Pacmed with Mixed Core 2016

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July 31, 2016
Spoons and Spanners
August 10, 2016

Paintball, Pedalling and Pacmed with Mixed Core 2016


BY ARMSTRONG TENT:   Bella Cockburn, Rachel Bailey and Shannon Farrell

Third and final week of initiation! It’s been a bumpy ride but filled with adventure and a load of memories, some good, some bad.

To end off our second week we all got involved in a high adrenaline game of paintball.  We all walked away with some painful souvenirs from our antics.  The game bought out the competitive streak in a lot of us, and again team work was a vital strategy.  The prize for the most injuries went to Lucas – our resident Frenchman.

Monday started off with a (humorous) session of Aikido with Igor, to practice our defensive techniques.  This was followed by a 10km hike through parts of Matopos – which was absolutely beautiful – and ended up in a river valley with a few deep pools where we all could have a dip in the chilly water to refresh.  Next day we were subjected to a gruelling 34km hike and cycle, although some aspects were hilarious!  Rachel and Holly were airborne over bumps, legs in the air, holding on for dear life!

Our next few days were taken up with long lessons in PACMED  (First Aid).  None of us are very medically minded, but we managed to survive.  The practical sessions brought some relief from the mental anguish of the theory.

The highlight so far has to have been our climb up a nearby hill (Usindisa) to watch the sunset, and to top it off we had our first taste of alcohol! We were all pleasantly surprised by this and group morale was high on our way down the hill.

Tomorrow we write our exam on First Aid.. that will definitely be an experience…. time will tell if it’s to be good or bad!  To reward us for our hard work, we are opening the Quest bar tomorrow, along with Men’s Core and it promises to be an amusing night.

We still have no access to technology, but soon… we are counting down the days.  Fingers crossed all goes well and we’ll be back in communication with the outside world!