Projects and Perserverence

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November 10, 2016
Projects, Wine and a Good Time
November 29, 2016

Projects and Perserverence



By Adam Pentz


Another four weeks has passed since my last blog. Time is surely flying past us with speed, which demonstrates to me that I am truly enjoying myself here at Quest.

Looking back now there have been two main activities that have dominated these past seven days; the birth of our end of year projects and the challenge of the Triathlon. Both contribute to one of the most rewarding weeks in the Quest itinerary.

Starting this week off was the:


In case anyone missed the explanation of our projects , here is a quick rundown:

A zip line for great fun; vegetable garden to help Quest reduce their vegetable intake from town; refurbishment of an old tractor engine for Falcon College to use; creating a bike manual that future Questors will use to help understand how to repair their bikes; refurbishing old benches and tables for an underprivileged school that is expanding in students and vermin culture (an eco friendly worm farm that provides nurturance for the vegetable garden).

Carrying on to retracing the week……

Monday was manic day. We had to order all our supplies for the next three weeks, not to make a single mistake on the ordering slips otherwise death from the stressed facilitator. Who could blame them, would you trust 15 dippy young adults dealing with a reasonable portion of your finances? Nope. Eventually we all got our heads around it and off the orders went to the little hardware store at Falcon and Halsted’s in town.

Tuesday was D Day. The supplies had arrived prepping us for battle, we were now ready for a three-week uphill endeavor to complete these projects.

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday was all the same hard graft. Everyone has been getting stuck into their projects, and hopefully I speak for others as well when saying that Katherine and I are finding it so worthwhile, knowing what we are doing will be of benefit to others.

Triathlon Day!

This was no casually spent Saturday, as one may have thought it to be. It was the Saturday of which our 1k swim, 21k cycle, 10k run triathlon took place….. The day that has been lurking in the back of our minds, causing sweaty palms and a rush of instant anxiety, for the past 5 weeks.

I can confidently say for each of us Questors, those early morning wake ups for the intense PT sessions and trial triathlons gave us a greater level of confidence, endurance, and much more of a fighting spirit to cope with the main event. The constant support and positive high spirits from each of the Quest members is what made the triathlon a lot less overwhelming.

When we arrived at Ncema dam, where we spent the sizzling hot afternoon doing our triathlon, we walked off the Falcon bus down the main walkway, like it was rehearsed.  Every family stopped in their tracks, about a hundred hot dogs met the grass floor, you could hear thudding noises of children crashing there little camper bikes into trees as they had been mesmorized. I saw a lady’s sun lotion bottle in her hand, applying it to her husband’s sun kissed back. She glanced up nervously as we passed, they knew what they were up against, simple humiliation……..

All jokes aside, once the Triathlon had ended, all of us were left with the feeling of pride mixed with the feeling of a busted chest with a missing heart. It was something be proud of for sure, and Mr.and Mrs. Randle, Miss. Wharam, Mr. Marfy, Miss. Ross and of course Mr. M were all filled from head to toe with pride for us. It felt like one big happy, rather sweaty, family.

This will be my last blog for Quest… since there are only three full weeks left so I hope I have done justice in documenting the specific weeks and hope my writing was a compelling read for you all.

I genuinely appreciate it so much for those who have kept up with my blogs.

See you in 25 days,