Projects under Pressure – Men’s Core 2016

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August 10, 2016
Deltas and Dugouts : Men’s Core 2016
August 16, 2016

Projects under Pressure – Men’s Core 2016

Projects under Pressure – Men’s Core 2016


Magellan Tent: Brandan Durkan and Joel Griffin


Monday started off very well since we were greeted with the news that it was our own PT for the rest of the week except for Tuesday and Friday.


For work during the day we had our projects to complete and we were warned that the Botswana trip would be cancelled if they were not finished. We are writing this Blog whilst staying in Botswana so you can guess what happened.


The hide group was able the finished the brick laying and the plumbing group was able to erect their frame for their solar geyser. On Tuesday we were supposed to do a Mrs. Flemming PT session but unfortunately she had fallen ill and could not attend. During the day the projects continued, the hide group plastered one of the outside walls and the plumbers cemented their frame into the ground. The Mixed Core also appeared during dinner. That night we had a wine tasting session at the Randle’s house. Mrs. Nesbit taught us how to portly go about identifying a wine and as a team effort we ensured that no wine was left behind. The next morning was a slow start but we picked up the work rate quickly (of course). The hide group were delayed due to a lack of pit sand so Mr Randle graciously helped them find more pit sand. It was also this day that the plumbing group realised that they had to lift a geyser onto the top of their frame. Thursday had a faster start to the morning as our deadline approached. The group doing the Fish and Chickens finished installing their pump and the geyser group completed their frame.


Once again we had our presentations after lunch and then in the afternoon we had a talk on the presidents elephant heard and Hwange National park. The following morning we arose early for our final QFT. It was freezing cold and waking up and taking our measurements was not the most pleasant task to perform. We then began the pull ups, push ups, sit ups and planks followed by the 2.3km run. Everyone was exhausted by the end of it BUT… there were massive improvements all around.


After breakfast everyone went back to their projects that needed to be finished by the end of the day. The fish group went into town to collect their fish which had been sent overnight from Lake Kariba and after a delayed return from town they introduced their fish to their tank marking the completion of their project. The plumbing and geyser group is finally making progress after weeks of struggling without the proper tools and they managed to complete the piping and assemble the geyser. The other projects are on track and enough has been done to allow us to go ahead with our Botswana trip. The early hours of Saturday were primarily spent preparing for Botswana and working on the projects.


Saturday night however was definitely one to remember as we were finally allowed to socialize with the mixed core. It started off slow as no one knew one another. However, the end of the evening saw a lot of laughing and banter all round. Hugo belly dancing with one of the guys from the mixed core is something that should not go unmentioned however it is something that should go unseen. Saturday was a great evening, Sunday morning however was something to dread. The headaches that had hit the majority of the group and would worsen throughout the day on a 10 hour trip into Botswana. The evening in came to a rest at “Planet Baobab” where alcohol was seriously avoided, and an early night sleep was essential.