Projects, projects, projects

Getting down to Business
May 19, 2017
7 +/- 2 By Guy Quittenton
May 29, 2017

Projects, projects, projects

                        Projects, Projects, Projects.                    


As our business course came to an end, and the visions of all Questies had started to transmute into reality, the projects had never seemed so exciting. The diversity in our project goals is testament to the variety of person in this intake: from getting an old tractor back into working condition to building a shower for the Quest staff. Thus this week has been full of preparation but most dauntingly; The Dragons Den.

Getting the “go ahead” signal from the exiting group in front of you meant you were up next to convince the potential investors. In order to impress in these situations one would want to be dressed clean, something that has become quite challenging after a few months in the bush. However, a hot shower and smart clothes were able to do the job. With these thoughts in my head I found myself looking down at my rafters, khaki shorts, and a slightly stew stained T-shirt. My group presented the idea of creating a hot water system for Chum and Caroline, which is crucial for the cold mornings of Esigodini. Chum is one of our very talented chefs here and Caroline is in charge of keeping the crib and main area in working condition during the week.

The day after we all presented our ideas to The Dragon’s Den eight of us were selected to partake in the first wave of our plumbing course. The people that required plumbing knowledge for their projects were up first. It is always interesting to learn about an art that provides us with necessities that we take for granted like a running tap or a hot shower and a machine that cleans your dishes for you.

Between our days of work we had evening activities, the first one being the most important in my opinion. The subject of “digital cocaine” is an interesting and relevant one for the youth of today. We are stuck in a digital world of instant gratification in which we love to lie to impress from behind our screens. This digital addiction is only perpetuating the falseness in people. Exploiting those who feel they need to change themselves for others. We need to take a serious look at how and why today’s technology has found its way into every facet of everyday life. Technology has exploded at an extremely rapid rate in the past 20 years and we have no idea of the potential harm of staring at a screen for hours on end. Social media manipulates the human’s interpretation of a relationship with another human being to something a lot less meaningful than it should be. Maybe it’s time we moderate our usage.

The next evening some of the guys were introduced to wine and a small informal tasting. I am glad I can say that I live in Cape Town and I’m privileged to have been to a few wine tastings with my family. Mr Randle gave us the history and culture of wine. Some people didn’t enjoy the wine but did appreciate the ability of the drink to be a conversations’ starter.

Here I sit where I always do on a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon in Quiet Waters on my porch with the sun licking my legs and the anticipation of the week ahead.