Projects, Pull ups and PDP’s by Alex Kubierske – Men’s Core 2017

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July 25, 2017
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August 3, 2017

Projects, Pull ups and PDP’s by Alex Kubierske – Men’s Core 2017

The 3Ps – Projects, Pull-ups and PDPs

By Alex Kubierske

This past week has been crammed, jam-packed and filled to busting. Starting on Saturday where Zimbabwe played Kenya in a 15’s rugby match wherein the Quest boys were allowed to spectate and enjoy an entertaining game with many tries, overall however it was not an easy game to watch with such a lively crowd and premium household beverages.

Following the rugby many Questies lay in bed over the course of Sunday recovering and relaxing preparing for the upcoming week. Which saw us starting off at a run with a combination of projects, Personal Development Plans (PDP’s) and presentations with a side order of the 2nd episode of Game of Thrones. This kept many of us working hard in hopes of catching up with the esteemed TV series.

The whole series had in-fact by Monday swept over the tents like a craze with everyone using their free time to catch up if they hadn’t already. Which surprisingly did not put strain on our fitness as Tuesday morning was our final Quest Fitness Test which was the setting for the new pull-up record set by Daniel Isemonger at 42 pull-ups. Overall however David Wheeler took the points lead beating Daniel. Unfortunately however the overall point’s record was not beaten by this year’s intake.

This set the “try hard” tone for the rest of the day as projects built up traction with a slight exclusion of Albert who developed a serious case of cellulitis thus keeping him on crutches which is the same predicament that Ross found himself in after taking a bad fall and injuring his ankle. To top it off Keaton Jones found himself breaking his left pinkie finger. Who would think that the Grand Challenge is nearly upon us with all these injuries?

Thursday evening was set to be our final event for the working week where a wine importer from Bulawayo taught us about the etiquette and sophistication of wine. A thoroughly enjoyable evening that has definitely had a lasting effect on all wine enthusiasts in the group.

Finally Mr Randle called a meeting for the Grand Challenge on Friday to explain the type of courses and itinerary for the upcoming weekend in southern Matopos hills. The Grand Challenge is considered the final physical challenge of Quest thus marking the beginning of the final rush to finish projects and to complete our PDP’s. It’s funny to sit down at breakfast every morning and hear someone ask if this is the 21st or 20th day till graduation as the prospect of this 7 month programme coming to an end is nigh on unimaginable.