Projects, Wine and a Good Time

Projects and Perserverence
November 16, 2016
The Final Say – Mixed Core 2016
December 7, 2016

Projects, Wine and a Good Time

Projects, Wine and a Good Time

By Shakespeare, Rowling and Spud  (aka  Katherine, Alistair and Bella)


With one month left before graduation, we found ourselves heading into the last two weeks of projects with the help of a triathlon “hangover” to kick off the first week. The aim was to get as much done as possible in order to finish before Victoria Falls, and so a mad flurry of activity has occurred. We were our own bosses; the quicker we worked the more we got done. This was a great incentive as it gave us more free time to face the reality of the looming PDP (Personal Development Plan) deadline last Sunday. The PDP’s gave the week an underlying feel of nostalgia as it requires us to reflect on our entire 5 months of Quest experiences, and all of we have gained and learnt. Not an easy task as a lot of brain power and memory recall was required.


Despite our eagerness to finish our projects…. last Saturday brought a welcomed day off work as we headed off to Matopos National Park for the day. Led by Mr. Randle, our hikes up multiple ‘Gomo’s’ conjured memories from our first three weeks at Quest, when we spent a couple days in Matopos endlessly hiking through the area. This time round we are a bit fitter and slightly quicker (the lack of bags might have helped also!) We also had the amazing experience of seeing a unique cave painting site, and visiting worlds view where Cecil John Rhodes was buried. Thank you to Mr. Randle for giving us a history behind the monuments that are there. To end the trip, we went to SOUL a dog training programme that trains dogs to track down poachers in the bush which is proving to be a successful anti poaching method. That evening we had a musical night with Mrs. Ferreira, we discovered that many of us were not blessed with the same vocal chords as others. To end off the week Clive Midlane, gave us a talk on his experiences whilst protecting cargo ships from  Somalian pirates in the Indian Ocean.


With Victoria Falls in a week, we needed to prepare ourselves mentally and feel young again: that’s why we went Oldies dancing! We got the opportunity to help serve at the Annual Tea Dance put on at Queen Mary House in Bulawayo. The boys charmed the old dears on to the dance floor, where the girls joined in a flicking some hoof to some golden oldies. It was privilege to be involved in the Bulawayo community and see the older generation still ‘get low and boogie’.


However we couldn’t feel young for too long could we? We headed too Mark and Frances Randell’s dairy farm too mature our palette with a bit of ‘Cab Sav’ and Chardonnay. The ‘smell of the soil and the ocean breeze mixed with a hint of mint and citrus’ filled the air whilst we observed the legs of the many wines we actually had no clue about. Thank you to Mark and Frances for hosting us at your lovely home, and to Leigh-Anne Nesbitt for attempting to educate us.


Finally to end off a hardworking two weeks of projects, we were rewarded with our final Quest Fitness Test. We smashed it in the rain, with records tumbling left right and centre, and with our original efforts from July being almost doubled and in some cases tripled. Thank you to Mr. M for always pushing us and well done to everyone for their efforts put in.