Quest Africa 2nd Semester

Thesiger Tent Intake 2 2015
January 8, 2016
January 8, 2016

Quest Africa 2nd Semester

Intake 1/2015

Marco Polo Tent: Mike Mandy, Nick Marffy, Matt Bleekers


 Back to Business

The majority of us arrived back on Sunday although a few stragglers failed to make their flight from Joburg to Bulawayo. Their only option was an 18 hour bus trip, with a border thrown in. I’m sure they will never miss their flight again.

The second semester kicked off with a week of business management. The first day involved a lot of theory and basic bookkeeping skills. Tuesday and Thursday was more practical and involved a very interesting and interactive business board game where we were divided into group and asked to come up with a business idea. We had to buy stock, sell finished goods, pay expenses etc. We learnt a lot about how to start up your own business. Although we thoroughly enjoyed the business game,  at the end of it none of us made a profit,… so a bit more practice is needed.

We have found this first week’s fitness extremely tough and we all regret not keeping up our fitness during the break. The 4 day Iron Will charity event is coming up and the facilitators are pushing us so we are prepared for the extreme challenges we face. ‘Iron Will’ consist of cycling, hiking and other challenging activities. We have hiked with bricks in our bags up and down near vertical hills, and done hectic core and leg sessions with Mrs Flemming. On Thursday we went for a 34km bike ride which included some spectacular sights and of course, wipe outs.

On Saturday a group of lads from both intakes took part in a small rugby tournament held in Bulawayo. A big group went in to support and although the social life was not quite up to the Jo’burg and Cape Town standards we had a taste of during break, it was an enjoyable outing and as it was full contact rugby it was good to watch the boys in action.  There were some very stiff bodies on Sunday morning!

We are finally back into ‘Quest life’ after a lazy holiday and are looking forward to the upcoming weeks.