Quest through the Camera Lens

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March 29, 2017
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April 13, 2017

Quest through the Camera Lens

Quest through a Camera Lens

By Daniel Isemonger of Amundsen Tent

At the beginning of this week we arrived back from being on the incredible house boat in Kariba and the wilds of Mana Pools. Both such wonderful experiences.

Once again we were split into two groups, one was to stay at Quest and do a photography course while the other half was off to Matopos again for some cycle training. I was in the group that started with photography. Andre van Rooyen, who took us for photography had incredible stories to tell from his many adventures. I think most of the guys really enjoyed the photography and we had a lot of fun making each other model while everyone snapped photos from different angles. He showed us some neat tricks for editing photos, I think a lot of us had our eyes opened to just how much can be done to photos with the right software.

After two days of photography my group left for Matopos. 90km of cycling to be done over the next two days. We arrived in beautiful Matopos toward the afternoon. Hopped on the bikes after a quick lunch and made our way to World’s View where Rhodes’s grave is. It was definitely one of the best views we have had while at Quest, absolutely incredible up there. The rocky peaks littered with rainbow coloured lizards, the stunning expanse of Matopos as far as the eye can see in every direction. The following day we set off in the morning and got in a couple of hours cycling. For me especially it was incredible to watch the country side go by as we rode, going through valleys of long grass swaying gently in the wind, dense forests, and climbing up and down the granite hills. We stopped at the Inswatugi caves which were filled with cave paintings from an age barely remembered. The cycle was long but definitely enjoyable. Plus, a bus ride with the lads is always a fun time. All in all it’s been another full week of work and activities at Quest. Memories made, sights seen, laughter shared and bonds strengthened.

Tune in next time for more adventures with Questors